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Thinking of going on either ndt or t3 for trial

Hi can anyone explain to me .

If you have a t4 t3 conversion problem and are going to try NDT ,what happens to all the already pooled t4 were does it go .

If you take NDT or T3 ,are you not taking extra t3 and other things that are in NDT.

Could this all overload your system.

Also could they make you go hyper.

I do not do well at all when TSH under 1.00 so could I still take t3 or NDT.

Still feeling ill ,flushed and lethargic ,my TSH is 0.11,going up and down like a yo yo since I went hyper 6 months ago.

I was on TEVA make thyroxine for years,when they recalled it and went hyper after trying 3 different makes of thyroxine last year.

TEVA had something wrong with its efficacy,I wonder if that is why I went hyper ,as different make I am on now is stronger than TEVA.

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If you don't do well with a low TSH and you are only taking thyroxine, that might mean that high levels of T4 are making you feel unwell? So NDT or extra T3 might help.

Yes NDT has T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin in it so is supposed to replace everything that a working thyroid gland would naturally make. I think if you introduce it slowly / exchange it for levo with careful monitoring you shouldn't overload your system. Think you need a blood test first though before making any changes.

You don't have antibodies do you? Wondering if you have Hashimotos?

On the other hand, maybe you are still overmedicated and need to drop your dose of levo to see your TSH rise again. I would get a blood test with fT4 and fT3 if it were me. Sounds all very confusing susiebow! :-) x


Hi Diamond Fire ,yes you are right very confusing.Thanks for your help.I think I will reduce dose a little.I asked gp to do t3 t4 and no results as yet if any.Yes I have got antibodies and have Hashimotos ,never really been all that well for 11 yrs but coped,went hyper 6 months ago and not felt well since ,been off work for 6 months and crawling back to work now.


Just a thought and something to be aware of. If you are not converting T4 (which i wasn't) you need to take T3 and may need to stop the T4 because of reverse T3 (rT3) being produced from it. I got slight improvement on T3 combined with T4 but dramatic improvement as soon as I stopped taking T4 and had T3 only. I improved each day as the rT3 cleared from my system. NDT is T4/T3 combination and you can try it, but if your problem with conversion of T4 to T3 is like mine, it creates rT3 which blocks proper T3 getting to the cells to produce energy.


Thanks T3Sortedme,do you take doses of t3 throughout the day or just one dose?


I take T3 in three doses. 20mcg 6.45am, 20mcg 11.45am and 10mcg 4.45pm. Timing and dosage is different for each person but once you have the right pattern for yourself, keep it the same. The body adjusts other cycles to match and changing the time throws it about. I use an alarm on my phone. 30 mins late affects me and an hour late will make me bad (hypo) for the rest of the day. It needs a lot of discipline but if you do it right, the results are excellent. I found Paul Robinson's book 'Recovering on T3' very helpful.


I was fine on NDT; ill on T4, then ill on NDT. I developed a conversion problem and was getting thyrotoxic on T4. I introduced T3 while reducing T4 and got better. I'm now on 120mcg T3 and pretty good - at last.

TSH is < 0.001.


Hi Penny Thanks for input,are you just taking t3 ?


Hi susiebow, yes, I'm on T3 only - 120mcg per day. Any T4 makes me ill.


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