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Could i have hypothyroidism?

Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it gets a bit long...

For the past year I have had some health issues, the main ones being joint and muscle pain and depression and tearfulness. I have had depression for many years and take citalopram for it, but I have really struggled recently and seem to cry at the drop of a hat! As my periods are getting irregular and I am now 52 I presume I am menopausal and my gp seems to think that my health problems are due to that. I was all set to trial the mirena coil and hormone patches as hrt, however before this was put in place the gp looked back at my records and saw that I have had raised bp so she has ruled out hrt till it is under control.

She requested a thyroid check back in january, results as follows (sorry I didnt ask for ranges but can find out)

TSH 2.67

FT4 10.8

The results were apparently within the normal range although she said she would review in 3 months, so I will be going for that this week. While in the surgery I asked the receptionist for results of any previous tests...I have had my thyroid, ferritin tested a few times due to thinninghair. Back in 2013 my results were

Tsh 0.99

Free T4 11.7

Ferritin usually comes in at around 37...again gps say normal range but the tricologist I saw has explained that a count of at least 70 is needed for hair regrowth.

My biggest concern is the constant discomfort im in, my elbows hurt, wrists, stiff shoulders and neck, leg muscles, upper arms....pretty much everywhere really!! Last year I was could walk uphill for long distances no problem. I have gained weight, though I do think that is mainly due to overeating if Im honest. I did lose some weight a couple of years ago and didnt seem to put it back on but have put a lot back on now.

My sleep quality is poor, I dream vividly and wake up a lot during the night, never seem to be deeply asleep if that makes sense...?

Anyway I'll stop there...thank you if you've had the patience to read this and if anyone has any advice or views re the test results, Ivwould be so grateful. ..

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Hello, I am still early in my thyroid journey but I think your tsh is on the high side. As you are about to have a blood test to check it I would be inclined to wait for the results of that before talking to the gp. Ferritin of 37 is low. "normal" range means nothing really as no-one knows what YOUR normal is. Often the ranges are vast and doctors don't look at symptoms against test results. For some people normal is mid range for some high range some may even be low but the whole clinical picture should be taken into account.

Have you had your vitamin d checked as deficiency can cause pain If not ask if it can be done with the thyroid. Also folate, ferritin and b12. Once you know all of these results you can start to work out where your problems are.


A TSH of 2.67 shows your thyroid is struggling. Your symptoms could all be low thyroid, but thyroid symptoms are non-specific. The FT4 looks low, certainly, but impossible to comment without the ranges - always, always get the ranges, because they vary from lab to lab. That's about all one can say about the thyroid on just two tests. It would be interesting to get your antibodies tested, too.

Your ferritin is much too low for your body to be able to use the thyroid hormone you do have. But don't expect your doctor to know that! If I were you, I would start supplementing that, and taking 1000 mg vit C with my iron pill to help absorption.


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