Could I have Hypothyroidism?

I really need some advice. I have had a thyroid test which has come back as "normal" at 2.99. I am told by the doctor's receptionist that this is the TSH test - and that the FT4/FT3/TPO/TgAb tests have not been done? From being a really energetic, go-getting 40 something, I am now reduced to being tired all the time. I put on weight without eating. I have lost half my hair. My nails are brittle. My skin is very dry. I have digestive problems (which I am now beginning to manage naturally), chronic inflammation of my ribs, non-specific muscle aches and pains and depression. Everyone is putting it down to "being menopausal" but I cannot believe that this is normal. I need to find a natural cure if I can. Any advice is gratefully received.

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Hi Julieann333

Labs often decide they know more about us than we do, so don't do the other tests if the TSH is "within range", even if GP asks for these. You could try and get your doc to contact the lab, as within a week of them receiving sample, they should still have it. OR you can go down the private route as many on this forum do.

Docs won't diagnose as hypo from one "normal" blood result. You may have to repeat in a couple of months. For highest TSH reading the blood needs to be taken as early as possible in the morning, and before having anything to eat. Water is ok.

Have you had B12, iron, vit D levels also checked? Unless these are optimum levels your body won't use the thyroxine.

I was fobbed off with "normal, but a problem could develop" for years. It was only when I found this forum, did some reading, and then with evidence managed to persuade GP to prescribe a trial of levo.

Hope you manage to feel better soon.

Thank you so much for your response. My iron is good apparently and I am taking a B12 and vit D supplement so hopefully this will help. I am feeling pretty awful and don't know where to turn - my GP is unhelpful and I am at a loss. I don't think I have any option but to go down the private route but need a good recommendation ....... xxx

Just check out the Thyroid UK website for list of private labs. They provide a very rapid service.


It depends what you mean by going down the private route. It could cost a lot of money.

Is there another GP at your practice you could see? I went around them all! Please keep pestering them .

Some GPs and hospital doctors won't act upon private blood tests.

Write a list of your symptoms. A list of the tests and scans you are asking for and keep going back to doctors until you get full blood tests or referal to Endocrinologist.

Do you check your temperature? Is it ever low? Take it regularly and add to your list.

If you do get private bloods you could then go to Doctor with results and your list and ask if they could now refer you to Endocrinologist and arrange Ultrasound scan whilst you wait for the appointment. It will be costly to see Endo privately.


You need the figures - test results and ranges - not the word "good" as that is an opinion.

I was told by one GP that my iron level was "very good" when it wasn't even high enough to be a blood donor!

it is likely you have vitamin D and vitamin B12 problems regardless of whether you are hypothyroid or not, so you need to say to the GP well as you think it isn't my thyroid you need to test these two nutrients to rule it isn't a nutrient deficiency.

ps: Sorry I didn't really answer your question. Yes you could have a thyroid problem, as those symptoms can be associated with a thyroid problem.

You need to see the doctor and tell him/her all of your symptoms as you describe here. If it helps write a list and give to doctor. Also ask your doctor for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid and all the other blood tests you mentioned. If they ask why just tell them that as you have symptoms of UnderactiveThyroid you want to eliminate or confirm Hypothyroidism. Ask them if you could have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis. As with this disease the blood tests results can fluctuate. You can start 'hyper'. If they still refuse insist on a referal to Endocrinologist. It's your body. Your life.

My bloods were Hypothyroid in 2008 but no one told me . These were apparently 'overlooked'. A different Consultant (rheumatologist ) saw them on the computer in 2010 and retested. I was feeling much more 'well' on this occassion. They came back Euthyroid ie within 'normal'. So he said my Thyroid wax OK !!!!!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism in late 2011 after I'd asked GP for the scan and he referred me urgently to Endocrinologist the morning afer the scan.

It was a lovely woman, a retired teacher, on a Thyroid UK helpline who advised me to ask for the scan. She LISTENED to me tell her all my symptoms over the phone and told me I have Hashimoto's !!!

She was fobbed off by her GP and told 'it's the Menopause '. She retired early because she couldn't cope with the tiredness. She lost £30,000 from her pension due to early retirement.

She has Hashimoto's and all she needed was diagnosis and her Levothyroxine.



If doctors know little about hypothyroidism and the results, I doubt a secretary would know more than the members on this forum.

One cannot diagnose upon a TSH alone (even though the British Thyroid Association may say so) as you do need the recommended ones for confirmation or not.

The fact is that your TSH is 'high' at nearly 3. So I will give you a link and millions of undiagnosed people are in the world if medical professionals only go by the TSH. The fact is that we only have one Active Thyroid Hormone and that is T3. If we don't have sufficient our body cannot work efficiently.

In the UK the 'powers that be' have decreed that we shouldn't be diagnosed until the TSH is 10, whilst in the USA you are diagnosed around 3+.

We have to read, learn and ask questions and that's why the members on this forum have improved their health by 'Doing it Themselves'


Julieann the usual age for the Menopause is 52 anyway. So ignore the people putting it down to 'being Menopausal'.

These are symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

I now have permanent digestive and Bowel conditions. Due to late diagnosis and much delayed treatment with Levothyroxine.

Every cell in the body needs Thyroxine to function. NOTHING can work properly without it. That's why we have so many health problems with Underactive Thyroid.

I started on the 50mcg dose Levothyroxine and then increased to 75mcg on my second appointment.

Wouldn't be without it. I have claimed my life back.

Get back to your doctor. You have a right to have proper care and investigation, diagnosis and treatment.



You need your T4 & T3 tests done for sure ... your TSH is high anyway ... but without the T3 no one will really know what's what !

Your storey rings real bells with me ( ditto ) I ended up on HRT and anti depressants for 7 years - I'm 52 now and still having regular periods so the 'menopausal' thing was utter rubbish ...

Due to help on here I've gone back to my GP with treatment guidelines and a clear list of my symptoms ( and various medications ) - I've been on a doubled dose of levo for 8 weeks now and feel like I did 7 years ago ( even lost 5 lbs !!) - so fight to get the CORRECT thyroid treatment first before considering other treatments.

good luck

total codswallop

all my lot were diagnosed hypothyroid with a TSH of 2.9

they all have central htypothyroid alongside hashimotos

all your doctor has tested for is primary hypothyroid

go back with your list of symptoms and insist that






vit d3

are all tested and ask him to consider you may heve central hypothyroid !

Thank you everybody for your advice and support. It is so lovely of you to take the time to help me. I really appreciate it. Has anyone used non-prescription Thyro-Gold or Nutri-Meds? xxx

Do not take any vitamin or mineral supplements UNTIL you have been tested whether privately or on the NHS. Otherwise your test results will come back in range and the NHS will not treat you.

Thanks for that - I imagine that is what must have happened in my case. Good tip for anyone else. Thank you very much x

You are hypo at 3, so your thyroid is struggling badly! But, is this the first test you've had?

Yes it is .... Thanks for caring x

OK, so then you need to do another one in about three months time to see if it's gone up or down.

I know how you feel. I have had numerous thyroid tests which come back 'normal '. I too feel I have thyroid issues but cannot get help because of blood results. Would be grateful for any advice.

post your latest results on here and get some feedback ...

Thanks, Cazza. I need to do something about it now, tbh - I can't wait any longer. Thanks to this forum I have spoken to a variety of people, both on the phone and on-line and feel much better informed. Thank you xxx

Hello Annieloo - I have taken the decision to try some Thyro-Gold which I have ordered this morning at a cost of around $56. On balance it seems to have good results and I feel is worth a try. It is really alarming how many of us have these issues - I never realised how prevalent it is - Why, I wonder? xxx

I'm not sure for causes could be stressful lives cortisol rises thyroid works overtime, just a thought. I'm going to ask GP for blood tests and then try drugs on my own. I know things are wrong I know my body. Thanks for reply.

Absolutely you do, Annieloo - but I have lost all faith in my GP tbh. I wish you every success and will let you know whether Thyro-Gold does anything for me. xxx

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