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What tests I need?

Called the private hospital to book bloodtest appointment. I was suprised they said doctors order is not needed anymore, I can get any test under the sun they provide. In the past they only did very few tests without doctors order.

Not going crazy and book it all, but I think I should get vitamin D and ferritin tested now that is possible ? either one has never been tested. So TSH, ft4 , ft3 , tpoab and thyglab + vitamin D and ferritin? Naturally it depends how much it all costs I might have to leave vitamin D or ferritin. Which one is more important?

Unfortunately it is 70 km's drive so TSH possibly compromised :( I cant win with TSH. Tho at home testing right after getting up it have been lower than last time I had to drive 70km to get tested.

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Get vitamin B12 and folate too.

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I would have:






B12 (if not supplementing)

vitamin D



C reactive protein ( as this is an inflammation and infection marker which is useful in case your ferritin level comes back raised. )

In regards to importance vitamin D, ferritin, folate and B12 are ALL important as each other. Being suboptimal in any can cause lots of problems starting with chronic fatigue.

Then if I could afford it:

full blood count (only if not had one in the last two years as these can help show if your folate, ferritin and vitamin B12 are in range but low so are effecting you, plus ESR is another inflammation and infection marker. )

iron panel (in case your ferritin results are not normal so you know you don't have an iron problem generally)

liver enzymes/proteins ( new research is showing these enzymes and proteins are more important that cholesterol tests in showing if you have glucose resistance which is linked to cardiovascular disease and dementia.)


I have had full blood count a bit over year ago. B12 was lowish, folate ok, everything else ok as well except eosinophil % was over range, slightly, but was seen caused by hives I had the day before testing.

B12 I have been supplementing and was re-tested to see if the B12 I am using does anything, levels were rising and some symptoms improved. So I assume B12 and folate are unnecessary at this point as I am still supplementing and eating folate rich food.

I will try get everything else tested, thanks :)


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