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What tests???


Hello everyone,

Having dreadful experience with my GP and endo here in the UK, I have decided to go abroad to see an endocrinologist.

These are the tests I am going to have done: TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, reverse T3, antibodies (TPOAb & TgAb), B12, iron, ferritin and folate; and of course an ultrasonographic thyroid scan.

Vit D level has been tested in December.

Should I do any other tests???

Any help appreciated, thanks :-)

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I hope you find a good endocrinologist. Other tests B12, iron, ferritin and folate if you haven't had them.

Agik in reply to shaws

Thanks, Shaws. I have already got an appointment with a doctor that has a good opinion. I do hope that he will be able to answer a lot of my questions :-)

Flying off on Tuesday, Wednesday morning the tests and then on Monday 1st Feb - the big day with an endo.

And this is just for me, because my GP said she would not take any notice of what a foreign endocrinologist has to say!

shawsAdministrator in reply to Agik

All the best for a nice flight and good blood test results. It doesn't matter what the GP says, as they usually only take account of the TSH only so at least you will have a BIGGER picture. :)

Agik in reply to shaws

Thank you :-)

I don't think T4 and T3 (usually referred to as Total T4 and Total T3) are particularly useful, but the rest of your list is good - TSH, Free T4, Free T3, reverse T3, antibodies (TPOAb & TgAb), B12, iron, ferritin and folate

For future reference, you can get blood tests done in the UK without getting a doctor's permission. See this page and follow the links for more info, and if it interests you, you could ask for advice on the forum about which are the best tests to get done :


If money isn't an issue, then it would be a good idea to get the things listed on this page, in addition to the ones you've already mentioned :


For information on diagnosing different kinds of anaemia :


The table at the bottom of the page is particularly useful if you have lots of information. Be aware that it is perfectly possible to have more than one kind of anaemia, just to make life more complicated than it already is. Then interpretation of blood tests get extremely challenging indeed!

Good luck. :)

humanbean in reply to humanbean

This list may be helpful too :


although there is obviously a lot of overlap with what you've already listed.

Agik in reply to humanbean

Thank you :-)

Agik in reply to humanbean

Thanks for the vitamins list :-)

Have you changed doctors ? As I went through about 6 at my practice(small Welsh village) and then I found the one that actually listened and knew a bit about this condition and believed what I was telling her she has since got me an appointment with a decient endo at another hospital a bit further away as I had sacked the previous 3 as I knew more than them ,they did not want to know just kept saying come back in 3 months, they were arrogant and would not listen or act on any of my symptoms, I am now on t3 and armour and feel a lot better but live in constant worry they will stop meds due to cost. Think I'm on over £500 a month ! You have to exhaust every option, I was determined to get the nhs to work for me.

Agik in reply to nataliesue

There are 3 doctors in my surgery and I tried to talk to all of them. One is ok-ish but said that she would only prescribe medication that is licensed, so I might look at changing the surgery, thanks for the idea :-)


I would love to hear more about this, as I have an appt in Belgium in February. Could you send me a PM, if not too much trouble?

wow Agik, I am very worried now as I have been referred to an Endo whom I am seeing next week and may also be in a position of having to find someone who can help me. I am trying to arm myself with as much info as possible, mainly to see if he/she knows what they are talking about, especially the basics ie. required blood tests!

Agik in reply to Jefner

Make a list of questions you want answers to. I do that every time I go to any doctor - just in case I might forget ;-)

All the best

If you see another doctor outside the UK again, you might take a look at the doctors recommended/mentioned by people like Mary Shomon and Dana Trentini. Kent Holtorf and David Borenstein come immediately to mind. I know that Shomon has lists of doctors she has interviewed, on thyroid.about.com and other sites.

Agik in reply to Eddie83

Great thought, thank you. I have already checked that list in the past but there is no one on it in the country I'm going to.

I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. It is awful that you had to go that far to get help. All the best & thank you :-)

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