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Blue Horizon results back . Advice please folks ?

ALT 38 ( 0-33 ) is this Liver ?

Triglycerides 0.69 (0.8-2.1 ) ?

TSH 0.010 ( 0.270-4.200 )

CRP 15.70 (0.0-5 )

B12 2000 ( 191-663 )

Free T3. 4.9 (3.1- 6.8 )

Free T4 17.95 (12-22 )

These are the items highlighted . My b12 is the same as 12 weeks ago and the CRP I think is because I was in a lot of pain from a trapped nerve and bruised ribs .

I am taking two and a half grains of NDT . Would I be right in thinking I need to raise it?

TIA folks . Pp

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Do you take B12? If not, elevated B12 is a sign of liver problems.

If you do take B12 and know why it's high - then yes, a half grain raise might be in order.


Hi Jazz . Yes I do take b12 as well as injections for PA .

Thanks for the prompt reply. I hope you are ok !


Hi Pp. :) Yes, doing ok-ish, considering. Hope the increase helps x


ALT information -

Low Triglycerides - causes include issues absorbing nutrients including vitamins (You have PA)

High CRP - inflammation or infection


Thanks bluebug . I was wondering about the T3 and T4 results .


T3 can be higher over 5 but under 6. Just make sure you go with how you feel.


Some of the symptoms are back which is why I was considering an increase . The t4 has gone up from 14 three months ago to nearly 18 while on the same dosage . I will try taking an extra half a grain .

Thank you .

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