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Gall Bladder, Nature throid Update

I have been taking Dr Berg Ox bile gallbladder formula for two months now and haven't noticed any difference. I've started taking two grains of Nature throid (130 mgs) and wake up with a sore throat. It feels like acid reflux but I know it's just the increase in hormone. I decided to take my temperature in the morning before getting out of bed. It's 97.3. I take Cytomel around 11 am so as not to interfere with lunch. However, I'm still tired and taking afternoon naps. If I exercise; ride my bike 8 miles, lift weights at the gym, etc., it takes me a day to recover. It's still hard to walk my 3 miles a day. I'm going to start taking 500 mgs of ashwaganda and 30 mgs of zinc. My vitamin d is fine and I eat about 4 - 5 Brazil nuts a day for selenium. I just had my blood tested last week by a new holistic doctor and am waiting for the results. I'll let you know in a few days. I'm beginning to think that since I don't have a gall bladder I'm domed to feel abnormal for the rest of my life. It was removed when I was 30, but I really didn't start having problems till I went through menopause at 50. Although, I've always had to take naps. It seems I have gotten progressively worse over time. Just 5 years ago I could successfully diet, not so today. I will keep trying to beat this thing, but I am feeling very discouraged.

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Maryh1 All that exercise wont do you any good. Until you are optimally medicated it's not possible. You will deplete what T3 you have, no wonder you need to nap in the afternoon. Gentle exercise is what you need at the moment.

And dieting wont work until you're optimally medicated.

Eating brazil nuts for selenium will only help if they have been grown in selenium rich soil. Otherwise there's no knowing how much, if any, selenium they contain. If the packet doesn't mention that they're grown in selenium rich soil then you'd be better getting a selenium supplement.


Thanks Suzie, I'll buy another pill. What do you consider light exercise?


Walking the dog ( :D - that's mine) or gentle walking for now. Certainly not an 8 mile bike ride or going to the gym. Basically your body is broken, give it time to heal, you can't push it into doing something it's not capable of, you'll make yourself worse. Be kind to yourself.


When I say dieting, I mean the way I now eat. Lots of vegetables, 3 - 6 oz of protein per meal and water. I cook with butter, coconut oil, or olive oil and take cod liver oil. I put a blue cheese dressing on my salads, and I eat cheese and rice crackers for snacks. I'm not effected by milk products and the crackers are gluten free. I also eat eggs. Wouldn't you think a person would loose weight eating this way?


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