Update: Nature throid five weeks

First thank you to everyone who has supported me with all my symptoms. So my first month going solo, and quite happy with results.

depression gone

anxiety gone//no PMS last month and this//no afternoon naps//wake up with or before the alarm//

have a spring on my step//I have got nails//less mentally confused/thinking more clearly//no tears/emotional

Still to improve: heavy period, water retention, weight fluctuation

BUT! Blood pressure is very low 80x53, fainted the other day at work, last ECG some points was 42.New 5 day ECG from today. Blood tests last Monday I haven't told anyone I'm on NDT should I come clear?

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  • Brubru, has anyone asked about thyroid meds? I don't see what difference it makes whether one is on Levothyroxine, NDT or T3 in relation to heart rate, pulse, BP, ECG unless you are on too little or too much which may well affect them.

    Glad to hear of the improvements so far. Hopefully the rest will follow in due course. 6-8 weeks after starting NDT would be a good time for a thyroid panel.

  • I'm really happy so far Clutter!!! As always thank you and the lovely people on this site. Yes they asked clutter but I said as prescribed 100levo and 20t3. I was wondering if the low bp has to do with thyroid. They've done blood works Monday. So let's see the results.

  • Brubru, heavy periods: are you anemic? Have they checked your hemoglobin and ferritin?

  • Hello Gabkad. Yes unfortunately and a pescatarian too but I've been vegan for many years before. I'm on iron with vitamin c and still have to improve. But I feel better so let's see the Monday results.

  • Cont. and of course ate copious amounts of soya for the two decades I was vegan :-)

  • Hello Brubru that is what I was on 100 Levo and 20 t3. I am now up to 2 grains (which will be 2 weeks this coming Monday), may up another 1/2 after that. Not feeling as good as yourself but I will keep on trying. Good luck!

  • Thank you marmaris! I did a straight swop and felt no difference to start with but after the second week the improvements started. But first I go my vitamins and minerals sorted. Wish you good luck too!

  • Still not feeling better either..i wish we could be so lucky!!!

  • that is cool

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