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Nature Throid V Levo?

I've been Hypo for over 3 yrs and earlier this year had TPO test and was over 500 so was diagnosed with Hashi's.

I saw an Endo in may who put me on T3, which I took for 1 mth, didn't see the Endo again as he was private and I was made redundant. ( work paid for private health care). I was getting severe headaches every day, so Dr said don't take it anymore. Was he thinking of his monthly budge? , Sorry for being sceptable.

After researching the pro's and cons, I 've decided to order Nature Throid online.

I've not been well for several months now and needed to take some form of action, so hear goes.

My Vit B12 was 232 Dr said was in range, so ordered supplements 1000mg tabs, have read that no side effects with this?

I've looked at the conversion table and ordered 1 grain x100 cause I'm currently taking 100mcg of Levothyroxine.

Is there anyone on this medication and if so, when will it start to take effect?

I've also read to start of slowly with it, should I start on half a tab ot take whole grain but chop up in to quarters or halfs?

I would really appreciate any comments as I want this to be a success.

Thanks for this wonderful site

Natalie x

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Hi Natalie. Sorry you are having such a hard time with your hypothyroidism.

Although I can't give medical advice, I can tell you about my experiences with NatureThroid.

Many people find they do better chewing their NatureThroid but I can't stand it so I don't. It probably means I need more than those who do chew.

The conversion charts are a rough guide. If you are not well on your 100mcg levo, you may well need considerably more than 1 grain like I did.

I started with 1/2 grain first thing one morning, having taken my last levo dose the day before. As I had no side effects whatsoever, I took the other 1/2 grain in the afternoon. After a week I started to feel quite hypo so increase my morning dose to 1 grain. After another week I was feeling very hypo so added another 1/2 grain in the evening. This seemed to help my sleep. I should point out at this point I had noticed a reduction in many of the negative symptoms I experienced on levo but still felt hypo. I increased again the following week and then slowed down to increasing every 4-6 weeks. I did feel very much better on NatureThroid than levo.

Many people find it better to multidose in the beginning as, taking such small amounts, your T3 will drop after several hours leading to a 'slump'. When I got to my final dose, I took it all in one go at night. Slept like a baby :D Some find it better to take half in the morning and half at night; others take it all in the morning.

I should also point out that my iron, B12, folate etc were all good and I my adrenals were also improved. I listened to my body and was very prepared to go much more slowly if I experienced negative symptoms.

I hope that helps.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for your kind reply and will take on board what you've explained, your all so very helpful.

I'm really hoping this will make all the difference to my health, should I tell my GP what I've done or will I be in for a rollicking?

Funnily enough my GP has just called and he's gonna test my thyroid bloods again, had them done approx 2 mths ago, I will post them with ranges when there back.

I also asked him about a B12 blood test as it was on the lower end of range and said that I had just purchased supplements, so he said he'd test that too. I also was tested positive for Gast. Paricetal anti-bodies back in April but someone on here said I should have intrinsic test done but back then, he said no need? Do you think I should push for this test?

I'm also under the Gastro consultant who has diagnosed me with reflux in my throat, today the roof of my mouth is sore. Gp wants me to start Omraprozole asap.

Also asked for a swab of my throat to be done, I think I might have a fungal infection, I know I get it behind my ears and down below occasionally, so hopefully will get some results out of being proactive.

Any comments are always valuable.

Natalie x


It is always best to do this under guidance of a doctor who knows about these things, but finding such a doctor on the NHS can be difficult. Provided he will support you and do the tests, you could tell him but you will have to use your own judgement. Several on here are self-medicating under guidance of the GP but not all are so understanding.

I wouldn't start taking anything until you have had the tests. If you take your NatureThroid, that might confuse what your GP is looking for. The same with the B12. If your GP is content to treat you with B12 without the intrinsic factor test, then perhaps that is ok. Some will accept that parietal cell antibodies are a good enough indication that you need B12 injections if your B12 is low.

If you are taking omeprazole it is important you don't take it at the same time as your thyroid medication or supplements as it could inhibit absorption. It is also important that your GP monitor your magnesium level as an alert was issued by MHRA regarding this issue.

Your GP sounds like he really wants to help. He may not be able to all that you want but he sounds like one who will listen to research and one that you could work with.

I hope you get what you need.

Carolyn x


Thank you for your advice. I will remind him when I see him Thursday about testing positive for parietal antibodies, you know what there like lol I did take one 1000mg of B12 but don't think it will have any effect if I'm deficient....Will it? I won't take any more or NT till I've had tests.

Also I've learnt from this site not to take your meds before your blood tests, the drs never tell you this, do they!! This will be the first time I don't, so shall be an interesting result for my thyroid.

But yea on a positive note, he's pretty good apart from last time writing me a prescription for HRT when I had all the hormone tests to see if I was going through the change and there was nothing to indicate this. I did tell him over the phone that I didn't get the prescription and that I took parocetamol instead for the hot sweats and that they stopped. I'm running some sort of infection that comes and goes, normally a couple of weeks and then its back again, Lymph nodes have been up and down for 6 mths now.

I'm really hoping I get sorted soon cos it's so exhausting

Thanks again



You do need to stop the B12 several days before a test. It would probably be best not to take anymore until you have been tested.

Good luck with the GP :)


What dose of nature throid have you decided suits you. I'm thinking of changing over from Levo. 100mcg


Hi Carolyn, how much nature throid did you end up taking as a steady dose, and have you had bloods done since taking it, showing improvement




I needed 4.5 grains but still wasn't quite right as I don't seem to deal well with the T4. I have since had to replace some of it with plain T3.


Did you still notice difference over Levo even though you needed extra t3 Carolyn I can't seem to pm you


Yes, I noticed a difference quite quickly. I just couldn't get up to the dose I needed without having problems with the T4 :)


I' have been on NT since June myself so im a newbee, was it easy to no it was t4 causing problems for you, think I started too high at 4 grain and had to drop to half way as went hyper , i was on 150 levo so been on 2 grain since June not sure how long to wait to increase wether to do it every 3 or 6 months or so. Thanks for your help Carolyn.

Sorry Natalie for jumping in on your thread


I increased every 4-6 weeks once I got to that level, by 1/2 grain each time. I didn't ever feel hyper and started to feel worse at higher doses. The fact that you did feel hyper on 4 grains suggests that you probably won't have a problem with the T4. 4 grains is quite high to start on.


Thanks Carolyn I realised I got the conversion wrong so dropped it thanks for your help



Hi Nat,

glad you came into the conversation as all the info I can get is crucial.

Nat x


Glad you don't mind me jumping in & your right every bit of info from people's experiences is helpful, everyone is so helpful & friendly on this site really good support, hope you get to feel better on NDT too

Nat x


You seem to have a very supportive GP, I'd stick with him, I can't get beyond a simple TSH test!


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