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32 week weigh in

1/2 lb on last night

i expected more

had a naughty naughty day during the week, hubby didnt get home from work until 7 and i was super stressed with the kids, it was too late to go shopping for food (we allways make sure theres lots in for the kids but forget about us slimmers lol) i was hot and bothered so had pizza and yes i enjoyed every slice of it

had a big BBQ saturday and i was good i had slimming world burgers and sausages and lots of salad, got sun burnt (i had sun cream but was more worried about the kids and forgot about myself) so went to tesco to get after sun and they had reduced salted caramel cookies pack of 4 for 22p and they jumped in my trolley then in my mouth lmao

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1/2 lb a'int that bad considering you had a ''blip'' ..... never forget that a little of what you fancy is always good for you !!!!!..... your still on track girl and you now know and understand where the blips are and where they come from --- so can use them to your advantage --- I bet you would have thought that you would have put on about 3lbs before the weigh in [ so you must have been a super girly as well ] instead of ONLY 1/2 lb === so you've actually lost 2.1/2 lbs ....... onwards and upwards girl YOU WILL GET THERE ---- WE ALL KNOW IT WITH CONFIDENCE ..... including you .......alan xxx


Keep focused M, you're getting there, slowly but surely.

J 🍀

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