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so nervous...week 20 weigh in tonight

wednesday was my sons birthday so we have a meal of his choice

50 syns eaten and i get my daily text from my consultant

i fessed up straight away and admitted what i had eaten

we are allowed 105 syns a week

so far i have had 90 and that includes eating a massive roast in the carvery on friday (9 syns)

ive had tonnes of salad which is classed as speed food

counted syns very carefully

will be having salad again for lunch today

im still gutted i didnt get my stone and half last week and my aim for this month was to get to my 2 stone award

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What on earth is a syn?


certain foods that dont count as a free food, milk, cheese, bread (these can be used as healthy extras too) dressings, drinks, foods fried in fat/oil rather than fry light ect, sweets crisps


Are you sure you are getting enough fat in your diet?

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im eating pretty much what i was eating before


if you have hashimotos or low thyroid, are you eating to heal your gut and immune system or just obsessed with dieting and losing weight? I gained when exercising and finally realized, that i must put this hashi's into remission, to be able to lose weight..i should say inches or lumpy, squishy fat, that i never had in 47 years of my life. An Autoimmune Paleo Reset, will take the weight off without even trying, because it heals autoimmune disease and inflammation.


im eating healthier than i was before lots of fresh fruit and veg and gluten has gone pretty much, i know thats supposed to go all together but complete gluten free would be a pain

i have noticed that a couple of days now ive had mug shots (used o eat them a lot) and have felt my heart race and shortness of breath after.....maybe they are high in gluten i don know

baked beans and gravey seem to be a treat now more than a regular thing so will keep my eye open after the next serving of beans or gravey, i still tolerate pasta really well

my mess ups are going off plan and it really shows when i do


it is gluten, grain and dairy free..nightshades too, for 30 days, then reintroducing some 1 at a time. They say people with Hashi's should never eat grain again at all. Most people, like 90% fail to get well on gluten free alone..

only 1 or 2 servings of fruit a day because it is loaded with sugar. If you have a puffy middle, i would avoid sugar altogether. This is what i am doing, i am so ill and desperate at this point.


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