49 week weigh in

got to group and just sat there

daughter kept saying we should weigh in as the time was getting on and i kept putting it off as didnt want the bad news (we weigh early as on the social team) anyway i stood on the scales heart pounding and was told 3 1/2 off i asked if they was joking they said no you lost 3 1/2 i looked and my jaw dropped with shock as i did lose 3 1/2lb

guess last weeks gain was all the stuff to sort my throat :)

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  • Well done, Mandy72, that's a big drop :)

  • thanks Clutter it is a big drop and i was shocked

    im thinking its just taking time to show now as ive had gains on weeks ive been really good

    i did get told bad weeks can take a couple of weeks to show too

  • well done you girl , never forget that I keep telling you there will be some down sides BUT there WILL be even more upsides --- you just need to persevere and look forward to all them good times ahead --- keep going girl it may take time but we are still all with you ..... alan xx

  • thanks alan

    bit gutted really as if id have lost or maintained last week id have got slimmer of the week which would have been a new shiny sticker and certificate (that id have written myself as i do the awards lol)

    never mind maybe next week :)

  • don't worry about the sticker / certificate ...... for your perseverance and effort over the past [ almost ] year , as well as achievements your on your way to a blue peter badge at least ..... alan xx

  • i cant believe its been a year and all ive lost is 13lb :( did expect more but i got thyroid and adrenal issues and could well be a lot heavier if i didnt join :)

    our group should be on boxing day this year but they wouldnt open the school so we have it on the 28th which is a year to the day that we started so im getting a birthday card and gift for consultant

    ive dug out my journal so writing everything down to try and keep track, i find i do better if i see it on paper

  • what do you mean '' all ive lost is 13lb ????? ...... its still a big big loss !!!! ...... and it can give you a lift to better things to come if you think that way ....... you also have to think about the other issues you have health wise that can and do impact on your situation --- so , yet another hurdle you are overcoming , your in the tunnel , but you can and will get out into the light if you really want to WE KNOW IT --- don't we ??? !!!!!

  • ou are right at allways

    last week at the drs i showed him my cortisol results and he said 'yes they are high but your endocrinologist isnt worried about them so i wouldnt worry'

    so i showed him my SW book and said 'well if you can see its making me gain weight'

    his reply was 'oh yes so it is'

    i will get there slowly just need to sort adrenals and thyroid and hopefully things will speed up some or at least the gains will become less

  • your answer above is exactly what , in my opinion , is holding you back ,,,, as I have found out and resolved about my ladys thyroid problems ,,,, firstly your endo may not be 'au fait ' with cortisol problems so therefore will not know how to treat both conditions together ..... secondly your gp is not 'au fait ' with either and is relying on each to treat separately --- but they have to be treated in conjunction together , never forget that some meds will react with others to negate them and thus the full effects of treatment --- this may well be an insight into your underlying situation ..... hope this may be of help .....alan xx

  • my dr is clueless

    my endo stopped thyroid meds 21st october for 3 months and said my high cortisol is nothing as i was checked for cushings last year.....dont matter its a lot higher this time round

    now treating the high cortisol with handfulls of supplemets 4 times a day and treating thyroid with NDT

    no way was i going to stop thyroid meds with a TSH 13.7

  • exactly my point , so your endo is automatically dismissing your high cortisol reading '' because you have been checked for cushings -- total twaddle -- '' , is he /she saying that if it isn't cushings it doesn't exist ? .... why did he / she stop thyroid meds with a tsh of 13.7 ? , as well as both need to be treated with different meds in conjunction and together for the optimum solution AND NOTHING LESS !!!!

  • he seems to think my symptoms are not thyroid related so stopped meds to see what symptoms i had in 3 months time

    im still debating on reporting him but dont think anything will come of it

    but im beginning to think its all down to adrenals and that ive had adrenal probs before the thyroid probs

    i was fine until a few weeks after starting thyroxine and thats when all the air hunger and fast heart rate ect started

    this happened last year while i was on NDT too and my heart rate hit 150 and when i did saliva test my cortisol was high, endo checked for cushings and all came back ok so now the new endo (who has left since seeing me and stopping meds) says theres nothing wrong with me

  • is this guy a complete pillok or what ? ..... with a basic tsh of 13.7 [ which automatically shows a thyroid problem , as accepted by the medical profession ] , how the heck could he say that at least some of your issues are not thyroid related ---- he should treat accordingly AND request further tests for t3,t4,ferretin,follate,vitd3 and vitb12 at least to follow up and then re-test after 2-3 months to adjust meds if ness. taking into account the other meds you are on ......alan xx

  • i have a few choice names for him

    i find it strange that hes now left after seeing me once and stopping meds and disregarding my cortisol

    my dr i seen last week has booked me for bloods, sodium, potassium and calcium ive allso asked for zinc to be checked and on the day ill ask for TSH FT3 and FT4

  • I would call the g.p. first and request that the thyroid tests are done which can be done from the same blood draw before you see him next so that he has a full profile of both thyroid and cortisol etc. at the same time for him to treat to the optimum ....... it has worked for us !!!!!

  • the nurse im seeing is great and will add routine bloods if a dr has requested but cant add if its done through endo

  • i always do it through the gp ..... he adds to the form ''' t3,t4, ferretin , folate ,vitd3 requested by specialist ''' and if the lab don't do them he follows up and orders them to carry them out EVERY TIME as soon as he gets the results ..... as I said it works for us ....... alan xx

  • 👏🏽 Keep going girl. My hubby lost 5lbs, me on same diet but smaller portions, put on a lb. this week. such is life with thyroid problems. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for keeping trying. X 'M'

  • im paid up for a few more weeks so not giving up

    its heartbreaking when we try so hard and see a gain

    i just go each week expecting a gain now, that way its a bonus if you lose any

    trouble is i dont eat much some days and that dont help

    but other days im like a bottomless pit lol

    good luck to you and im sure that lb will come off x

  • Told by nutritionist at hospital that I never eat enough. Have a brilliant Christmas and New year. 👍

  • my eating depends on how i feel

    you have a great christmas too x

  • Glad that I stumbled on this post. I was told just this Monday that I have under active thyroid. I have been following the Hairy Bikers diet since January and have lost a stone when others that started at the same time are 3 or more stone down. I believe now that it was my underlying condition that I had no clue about until this week as I have followed the diet plan. Hoping that I can continue to lose weight and now know why it's slow. Good luck everyone!

  • never forget that your thyroid gland affects your adrenals as well as your metabolism [ which can have an effect on weight gain or loss ] , so if your thyroid isn't working correctly it can have an effect without being obvious

  • its not easy and its heartbreaking but every pound you lose is a step further to your target

    thyroid is terrible i was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago and gained 7 stone

    i hate to think how much the gain would be if i didnt join slimming world

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