week 2 weigh in

2lb off

ive changed how i do things

my 12 week diary is beside me, i write everything as i eat it, i have a sheet of paper numbered with my weeks allowance of syns and i scribble off what i use, no worries about working out when ive gone over as its all on a sheet of paper for the week

i dont know how i lost because the mirtazapine makes me so dam hungry........but i did it :(

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  • excellent so happy for u. Am about to embark on the scary scales for wk 4 weigh in and didn't lose last week so fingers crossed I do this week x

  • good luck x

  • Well done! 2lb is a very healthy amount to lose in a week. good idea to write things down as you go as it's easy to forget that little thing we put in our mouths without thinking.lol

  • thanks

    its suprising what i was eating without thinking. a slice of toast, bit of chocolate, pack of crisps......it all mounts up

  • way to go girl ..... if you think about all you've gone through during the holiday period as well .... remember that it is always better to lose a little at a time and keep the faith , than a lot and return it sooner ....... YOU WILL get there WE KNOW IT ---- just imagine all of them little certificates you will be picking up !!!!!...... still with ya girl ...... alan xx

  • thanks alan

    i was allmost at the weight when i fist started last year and they had an offer on a 12 week countdown and free membership so i decided to start over after bawling my eyes out the week before with another gain (luckily i weigh early as on the social team so was only family members in the room)

    i gained last week and was determined this week and it paid off yayyyy

  • so you now know that determination can work -- if you work at it !! -- just remember there will be peaks & troughs go with the flow and keep that determination and the faith ........ i'm looking forward to the before and after piccy's with a super grin on yer face ...........alan xx

  • My sister takes mirtazapene (as well as another medication that causes extreme hunger that I can't recall the name of) and she needs to lose weight so she can have spinal surgery.

    What eating plan are you following and is there an equivalent in the US? Are you also exercising?

    My sister is going to try swimming since that will not aggravate her back. She is just at a loss with regards to diet since she generally eats well (meaning good foods) But the constant hunger is a huge issue for her. Docs suggested a very restrictive diet (lots of celery and lettuce) but she doesn't think she would get enough nutrients and round be very ill if she did that.

  • lots of fresh fruit and veg, lean meats, potatoes, rice and pasta, low fat cheese and yogurts

    i dont exercise at all due to feeling so drained and out of breath

    i do still have treats

    im not sure if slimming world is a US thing

  • Thanks, Mandy.

    Sigh. She already eats like this, I just don't know amounts since we don't live near each other. Not sure what she will do. Doctors just don't seem to understand.

  • she may need to eat more

    sometimes not eating enough will stop or slow down weight loss

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