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Hi, I have just moved to the U.K from the U.S. I have been on nature thyroid for 2 years and it has been working great. I had a horrible year where I went from Levo, to synthroid, to armour then NT. But now I have returned to the UK my GP is saying he can't prescribe it!!!! And will have to put me back on levothyroxine!! I'm panicking as it is the only thing that works for me. The GP has emailed an endocrinologist to find out about NT. But I now only have 2 weeks of NT left. Anyone have any advice.

Many thanks


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Hi there

I get ndt on private prescription initially via a private doctor but now from my GP.

A friend had been on NHS prescribed ndt for 14 years and earlier this year was told it was no longer available on the NHS. She asked for a private prescription from her GP and got it.

As you've been on it for a couple of years might be worth asking your GP if s/he will do a private prescription for it.

Good luck

What is involved with a private prescription ie do you have to pay alot for it? Or is it just the format of the way to get it.

Hi there

I don't pay for the prescription from the GP; I do pay for the drug itself. I get 100 1 grain and 100 0.5 grain tablets for 110 quid, so about 35 quid per month.

I'm on Naturethroid and I know there's brand price differentials and it also depends which Pharmacy you get it from, my local coop quoted around 200 quid for the same prescription. I get mine filled at one of the pharmacies from the Thyroid UK website and because they do quite a bit of it it's cheaper. Before getting your prescription it's worth asking what size bottle your brand comes in as Naturethroid is 100 pill bottles and my GP used to write a prescription for 3 months worth and the pharmacist got a bit miffed with taking a few pills out of each bottle. He told me they came in 100s so I asked the GP to do 100 at a time to make it easier

The Pharmacy on TUK website starting with A which also dispenses NatureThroid , will dispense any amount. They charge by the pill so it does not matter what is on your script. I have found them to be the cheapest so far.

And Im suggesting to anyone that has, that they don't have to get Pots of 100 tablets!

Hi, I asked my GP for a private prescription as you suggested. She said she had to check with the PCT. the pct have come back saying no that nature throid is blacklisted and my options are

1) get a prescription through a private doctor. She said it would cost me £289 this way?!? Is that true. How do I go about seeing a private doctor about this? We do have some private healthcare would this be the route to take?

2) investigate what I'm allergic to - from previous meds.

I really just want to stay on nature thyroid. I have ordered some over the Internet, but it makes me nervous not being monitored.

Thank you


Hi Maddie

They are talking tosh. I take Naturethroid (which is a brand btw and is not the same as saying ndt which covers all brands) and it costs around 110 for 100 days supply.

I get it on a private prescription from my NHS GP. I originally got it prescribed from a private endo, it was then 'signed off' by the NHS endo and my GP writes my private prescription.

So this brand is not blacklisted and I'm not aware that any of the others are either.

Although I've never taken Nature Thyroid myself, I know it is possible to get most? or all? brands of pig thyroid online without a prescription. Hopefully someone who already takes it will be able to give you a trustworthy source online. Getting a private prescription and sourcing it in the UK is likely to be very expensive indeed.

So I asked my GP for a private prescription. It's having to go through the PCT for approval?!? Anyone else experienced this? The endocrinologist has recommended I go on levothyroxine syrup as the reason I came off it in the first place was that I had an allergic reaction to the fillers.

I don't want to go on levothyroxine. I want to stay on nature throid, but I know how important it is to monitor and stay on top of your levels. Will the GP still monitor my bloods if I buy nature throid over the Internet?

Thanks for all previous replies above and private messages.

The thyroid UK survey indicated that a number of NHS GPS are monitoring people who self prescribe whether this is ndt, t3 or a combo. However it's going to be something that your GP decides and if s/he won't prescribe ndt then it's unlikely that they will monitor your use of it.

I went private to get my original prescription and be monitored onto the right dose.

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