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bad batch nature throid

i could be wrong but ive been doing so well on NT

things started going bad when i opened a new bottle, i relised a few says later so opened another bottle and things still bad

should be on 3 grain but only managing 1 1/2 grain split in 3 doses


fast heart race

shortness of breath

feeling sick

and very hypo now

batch number and dates are the same on both bottles



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Mandy72, I'm sorry you haven't had any replies.


Hi Mandy,

I take Nature Throid. I'll check my bottles but I think the BBF dates may be different as I take lower dose than 3 grains.

The only thing I can suggest is that you order some different size tablets so that you get a different batch and try them. Or I have read that WP Thyroid is excellent and contains the least fillers and made by the same company.



sorry i should have said these are 1/2 grain tablets

im seeing dr monday to ask for another NDT


ok, well mine are BBF 04/17 so different batch. Good luck. Please report back.


yesterday i only took 1 grain and decided to stop taking them

i brought nutri clik thyroid a while ago and it didnt work well but i didnt increase as i should, i started them again today 130mg thyroid hormone, not sure on the T's though 1/2 tablet twice so far and pulse is 66, normally by now its allmost 90


I'm not the right person to talk about Nutri Thyroid. I don't have a working thyroid gland and I was very very ill on them. They are very very weak.


this isnt nutri thyroid

its thyroid made my nutri-pak

sorry i wrote nutri pack for some eason

brain fog day


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