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Hi Everyone and Happy Saturday!!!!

Well, I have been on Nature Thyroid for a week now and only taking one tablet at 65 mg a day. I made an appointment with my doctor and will be going in about 6 days. I'm really not sure how long you just take the 65 mg and then start increasing. It says on the bottle to take three tablets of it but I don't want to take all three at once as my doctor prescribed my medicine as I am still on the Armour and I was taking three grains of it, but was off the Armour for at least ten weeks before starting the Nature Thyroid. I think I am going to just keep taking the one tablet until I see her. How long do you take the one tablet before increasing and is it the same starting out as it is with Armour?

And yes, I still have the shedding going on and hoping that one of these days it will ease up. I know with all of this it takes time. I wish I never came off my meds to begin with. And I started a new job this week at a wine company and I am no longer with them. They weren't very nice there to be honest with you. But the good news is I start with a court reporting agency next week and I have four jobs so I am very happy about that. The stress of getting regulated and work has been a lot but I know this will all get balanced. I am staying positive. I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday. I am up early as I can't sleep and my friend's cat had to go outside. Making coffee now.

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  • You say you are taking 65mg is that 1 grain or 1/2 gr of Nature throid?

  • Oh Hi Shaws,

    It is one tablet at 65 mg, but is that considered a grain also? I'm confused. Thank you.

  • It's a good job you didn't take all 3 tabs at once. I would think that's about the max you can take in a day.

    I have put the link to the conversion below. You are taking 1gr which is equal to around 100mcg of levo. So be careful as I know some think they are only taking 65mcg. I think there's confusion between 65mg and 65mcg.

    I am glad you are improving. You say you take Armour too, 1 gr is also equal to 100mcg levo, so you have to be careful you don't overdose. If you gradually reduce Armour and increase Nature Throid take a record of your pulse and temp several times a day.

    P.S I have re-read and you say you don't take Armour now but above it you said 'I am'. If you were taking 3 grains you could have just switched over but I think as you have started again and you haven't taken it for ten weeks if you go up by 1/2 gr about every four weeks until you feel well. Sometimes we are apt to take too much without realising it.

  • Yes, it's very tempting to increase too soon especially when it makes you feel better so quickly - you think, if some is good, more must be better! But guidance out there says that you should go slow, especially after you get to 2 grains. Leave it another week at least before you consider a small increase (and when you do, don't increase by more than half a grain). Then leave it another 2-4 weeks before raising again (by a quarter to half a grain).

    Hope things continue to improve for you x

  • Okay Jazz, that's what I'll do. I thought one tablet was a grain. I was so wrong. I'm so happy I asked about this. And I must be pretty hypo for my doctor to put me on that and that's why I had such problems when I came off the Armour. There is a part of me that is having trouble accepting all of this as I've never had took and medicine before at all and very healthy. It was getting worse too the longer I was off the Armour. When I went outside in the cold it felt like everything was burning, my skin my organs everything. It's just the craziest thing. I could feel my body slowly declining but it was only ten weeks. When I first stopped I felt great and then bam, I could tell. I tried to keep telling myself I will level and it will pass but it never did. I will go a couple more weeks before I even consider increasing it you guys. I've lost about half of m hair through all this but there is new hair coming in. I am trying really hard not to cut it. I did cut some of it as I had no choice as it was so knotted. As soon as my shedding slows up I will go get to hair person and get it all evened up. Thank you and I love you guys!!!!! Always your friend, debber

  • I also never had to take any meds. I exercised 3/4 times/week, didn't smoke, drank very moderately, drank water and got enough sleep. Was v bitter for quite a while about having to take meds, but feel better about it now....too busy trying to feel well to spend all that energy on negative emotions!

  • Thank you Shaws. No I'm not taking any Armour as I wasn't getting the shipments and had called and called. The mistake I made was not calling my doctor as I knew they would have me come in but I didn't have the money with my work situation and she's not covered under insurance but she did call the Nature Thyroid in for me as she said I was not the only one this happened too and she has got a lot of patients that werent' getting their meds also. It's very unfortunate. They need to close that pharmacy down and go for a job on the Walking Dead. You and Bicycle have been helping me with this and I appreciate you both. Yes, I did take three the first day and then Bicycle told me too much just starting out and it jogged my memory that I didn't start out like that with Armour either and forgot about that. And wow, I didn't know that was equal to 100 of Levo. Thank you for the chart and I am going to go through it. Also I was taking it at 3:00 in afternoon and I read best if taken in the morning, right? What does the temp tell you? If it's low then I'm not getting enough? I have to do that for my doctor too and keep a record before. Maybe I should start doing that again. I can't wait for all of this to level out and I'm not there yet. Thank you again Shaws. I'm so lost with all of this and if it wasn't for you guys on here I would be literally tearing my hair out (I wouldn't have to worry about it falling out) I am trying not to worry about that aspect of it all but I did have some really nice long hair but us women are more than hair and boobs. Love you Shaws!!!!

  • Yes, debber, unfortunately we need hormones to keep everything in balance. Once one thing is out a little bit, everything is off balance.

    You have two choices when you take thyroid hormones, either you take it when you get up, with 1 glass of water and not eat for at least 1 hour. The reason for this is you need an empty stomach so that meds are absorbed properly. The next choice is at bedtime, having last eaten 2 hours before so that your stomach is empty. You then have all night for it to be absorbed.

    You don't have to split doses, as T3 is required to saturate our receptor cells and then its effect lasts for between 1 and 2 days.

    If you take thyroid meds in the morning, you know not to take it before your blood test. If you take it at night, you miss this night dose and take it next morning.

  • I'm going to take my med at night and that's good and if we forget we have another chance. It's so complexing all of this stuff. It's crazy how the little thyroid controls our whole body. I never again will come off my meds. Let it be a lesson to me. How long does it take to get everything balanced out? I was thinking three to six months.

  • You may be lucky and your body may respond swiftly. But just take things easy, we cannot rush medication and it's worse to take too much and have your blood rushing around and palpitations.

  • I hope so Shaws. I'm still having the shedding going on and that's what I go by. When I was on my Armour and finally got it up to where it was suppose to be I didn't shed like this. There are days I shed a lot and then not bad the next so I think it's getting better. I will start taking my temp too. If it's low then I know I'm not there yet, right? I'm really trying to pay attention to my body.

  • I will take it easy too and be patient with all of this and try not to worry. Thank you so much. If you guys weren't here on this site my mind would be running. This is all so complexing for me and I need to be more educated with ALL of this and really understand how it all works so I can keep myself healthy.

  • You'll do fine and yes some lose quite a lot of hair till their system settles.

  • Thank you so much Shaws. You're always there for me. Can you pm me your addy as I want to send you something. Yeah, I've lost a lot but my attitude I won't let it have so yeah. I pray one day that there is a cure for all of this as there are so many people that suffer from this. I mean this functions the whole body and it's not just one thing it effects. I pray to God that he gives each and everyone of us the strength with all of this. I believe that it's in our water and our foods that we eat also. I think I had this when I was a kid and didn't know it, just like my mama. In fact, I know my mama has it too, I just do. I couldn't understand when I was a kid why I lost so much hair and all my friends didn't and now I know. I have passed this on to my family about all of this. I think it's important to help others with all of this and I will be doing that too. And no, we're not crazy like so many doctors think we are. How silly are they!

  • My mama is not well. She has lung cancer and not long for her. I need to go see her very soon. I'm taking my depositions next week (I have three jobs) and I am hoping I can get up to see her in the next couple of weeks. I miss her so much. I wish life didn't have to be like this, but it is.

  • I too lost my Mother to cancer but it was because the doctor had told her several years before that her blood was now fine she needed no more B12 injections. My Sister and I were both ignorant about B12 too, so we said 'that's good'. Little did we know. My mother had pernicious anaemia and B12 injections should never, ever be stopped.

    I hope you are able to get to see your Mother a.s.a.p. It is a sad time for the whole family but you cannot show how worried you are. You have to put on a brave face (which is very hard).

  • I'm sorry to hear that Shaws. One day there will be a cure for cancer and I hope we see it. I just started putting the liquid b12 in juice. I'm not sure where I'm at on that but need get bloodwork done. I think b12 is very important. I am also a breast cancer survivor and don't run in my family. My doc said my thyroid could be from radiation but I feel I had this when younger but the radiation didn't help it.

    And yes I have get there asap. I'm going get these jobs done next week as I need the money to go. Please pray I get to see her. And yeah I will not let my pain show to her. I will be strong! Thank you Shaws for helping me and calming my fears. Love you!

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts. That's all I need to know that we help one another.

    I think Endocrinologists, before they treat people with a thyroid gland dysfunction, that they should only be allowed to do so if they also have a thyroid gland that doesn't work as it should and be on medication. :)

  • I think so too Shaws as so many want put yo on psych meds lol. I think there is more than half in this country that are. It's truly sad that doctors are doing this. My doc has thyroid problem so she knows exactly but I don't have nuf fingers and toes to count how many doctors I been to before her

  • Sorry I confused you Shaws. No I'm totally off the Armour and have been now for three months due to not getting shipments. I will always call my doctor (money or no money) and not let that happen ever again. I realize now I can never go without it as I will slowly die. My heart races really bad too when I'm not on it. I think my mom has it, too, and never knew it. I take right after her.

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