Help please on how to change from levothyroxine to Nature Thyroid

I asked the private doctor who is now writing my prescriptions (but no more) if I could have a trial of T3. She said she would allow a mix of T3 and T4 only. I have today received 84 tablets equivalent to 1 grain of Nature Thyroid with the advice I take 1 grain twice a day; nothing about weaning myself off levothyroxine gently or introducing the NT slowly. I am currently on 100mcg and 125mcg levo on alternate days but feeling lousy! It says the dose she is asking me to take is the equivalent of 150 mcg. I know there have been posts on how to change over but I can't seem to find them. Could anyone with experience of changing over please advise me how I should do it? Thanks in advance.


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  • Stiltzski, what is the name of the medication the doctor prescribed and how much T4 and T3 does it contain?

    I grain NatureThroid contains 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3 which the manufacturer claims is equivalent to 100mcg Levothyroxine although many users feel it is probably equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine.

    There is no need to wean off Levothyroxine but if you have never taken T3 before you would be advised to reduce your Levothyroxine by 50mcg and start with half a grain for a week or two to see how you tolerate the T3. If all is well you can stop Levothyroxine and increase to 1 grain for two weeks (you will still have Levothyroxine in your system as you transition). Increase by half grain increments every 2 weeks until you are on 2 grains and 6 weeks later have a thyroid blood test to check levels.

  • It is just a small plastic bag with round beige tablets about 8mm diameter which say N above 1 on one side and RLC on the other. Thanks so much for the advice.

  • Stiltzski, I think that is a shockingly lax way to dispense thyroid medication. A patient information leaflet should have been provided.

    You've described RLC NatureThroid 1 grain tablets.

    This is the RLC conversion chart

  • Thanks. Yes, the link shows the same tablets but I had no patient leaflet or anything sent with them. The trouble is that, if I complain or ask for more information, she will probably drop me as she has a waiting list for patients and only helped out because I was a previous patient of Dr Skinner.

  • Whatever you do DO NOT directly swap your levo dose for NDT. I stopped my levo for two weeks as it takes that long to get out of your system, then I started on a low dose of NDT 1/4 grain and built it up over a few months, I could not believe how much better I felt, even on the low dose!!

  • I'm so pleased to hear NDT is agreeing with you. I have considered trying it myself but i'm not sure where to purchase it from.

    I have been on thyroxine for many years together with T3 that i recently asked my Gp to prescribe.........i cant say i feel any better for it.

    It is always nice to hear when someone like yourself has found improvement in there health. Jillymo

  • Can you give me a rough idea of your dosage increase and time increment schedule? And how much Levo you were on?

    God Bless

  • I think I was on 100 and 125 mcg of Levo on alternate days. I started the Nature Throid very slowly by cutting the 1 grain tabs in half and half again (although half grain tabs are available), so started on a quarter grain twice a day, then, after a couple of weeks, half a grain twice a day etc. I now take 2 and a quarter grains a day but did try 2 1/2 and felt over-medicated. Good luck!!

  • Thanks. I can't believe the private doctor gave me absolutely no guidance at all on all this but you have both been very helpful.

  • I did a gradual swap from Levo to ThyroidS, dropping 25mcg and replacing wth quarter grain NDT and staying on that for a few weeks before moving up again and spliting the NDT to am and pm doses not in one big wallop - that made me feel out of sorts. I used a pill cutter from Boots to chop up the tablets but seem to be quite accurate at this by just biting them! The slight difference in dose, if they are not exact, will even out over a short time, so is not that significant. The thyroid patient advocacy has an excellent guide to swapping over with timings and dosages, which is what I followed to excellent result. With each increase I felt much better. I'll add that link in:

    Good luck!

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