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I was gradually increased to 200 of levothyroxine (under Dr skinner) but didn't know where to turn when he passed as I was still very symptomatic. I sought a new Dr through thyroid uk. I am hypo thyroid and have Hashimoto's. I have since been taking herbs for adrenal fatigue and thyroid herbs and have cut my Levo in half.... obviously why I can't function anymore. All hypo symptoms have returned and am sleeping excessively. Definitely an existence not a life...... so this week I have been prescribed nature thyroid 3 grains to start, (prescribed to take 3at once from now) expecting to increase later . Every thing I have read (sttm book)(and on here) seems to say start slowly. Has anyone any recommendations on NDT and how I should do this? I only have 1 or 2 grain tablets and need to start ASAP! All advise will be welcome. Thanks

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  • bit of large dose & bit of a debate whether it's just 65mcg or actual 100mcg bio equivalent - have you visited the NT site? nice graphs

    200mcg Levo is a full replacement for a 14st person (just by maths not feelings) like me - but I currently take 1 grain of NT, 60-65 equivalent - I'm feeling hot - which is a new experience for me! I was taking 1.5 in the winter

    interested to know which herbs you mean? I'll guess...

    sage for hot flushes?

    valerian/hop/gentian for jitters?

    licorice root for adrenals?

    for Thyroid function.. hmm...let me guess... seaweed, ashwathingy, ginseng, linseed, blood of an ox

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I am thinking of starting slowly as everywhere seems to recommend to start on one grain. I am just a little unsure when to increase it to 2, then 3.

    The herb things are adrenal px and thyroid px from restorative formulations. No licorice root but may have to look into that as have read else where that its good for adrenal. Also take vitamin c and magnesium and starting well woman plus.

  • I think the thinking of 3 grains is that it is probably the equivalent of the levo you were taking, but a lot of people feel more effect with NDT as it also contains T3 and is faster acting.

    This is the reason for people suggesting that you start slowly.



  • Thanks Louise, I seem to have read so much in the last 19 months, I then seem to go round in circles and confuse myself, then I thought taking 3 grains at once sounded a bit much to start on, so just wanted a little reassurance on how much to start with and when to increase it, as know so many people on here know so much about thyroid, adrenals, NDT etc. A fabulously informative group.

  • Hi, I was under Dr Skinner for some time. I was quickly put up to 200mcg of levo, still cold and symptomatic. Then Dr Skinner added NDT so I was at one time on 200 MCG of levo plus 3 grains of armour. I did feel I was doing OK at this point but the endo I eventually saw had a fit. I decided to get rid of levo so in the course of two months I weaned myself off levo and saw improvements on armour! Still symptomatic so early this year added T3. I got up to 3 grains of armour and 6 t3 tabs!! Still had temps of 35's and still symptomatic. I concluded I could take a bucketful of thyroid meds and still would get nowhere. My low cortisol is a problem tried the usual supplements without success. My GP has put me on 10 MCG of Hydrocortisone. I also now take a full dose of ferrous fumerate and folic acid. For two weeks my temps were normal. I take 3 grains of Armour and 75mcg of T3. I cut down on T3 because I had more energy, now I'm cold again 36.1. I just can't crack it.

    I did find it more difficult to raise Armour than T3, I had two weeks of hyper symptoms every time, but then it would settle again. Armour for me thus far has been better than anything else.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, since I have been with my current Dr my temperatures are now at normal levels. I have started the ndt and am really hoping its for me, as never regained any energy on levothyroxine for the 18months I took it. I have been very symptomatic too. Hopefully you will get yourself sorted soon too.

  • Hi Epicmom. I would say that starting on 3 grains if you had never had any sort of thyroid replacement before, would be a bit much. But as you have already been on 200 mcg levo, it would probably be ok.

    When I switched to NDT, I was already on about 200 mcg levo and a bit of T3 - don't remember how much - but I decided to do as everyone says and start low. I bitterly regretted it! I put on a ton of weight which has taken me years to get rid of, and the upshot was that I never did do well on NDT. I really wish I had gone straight onto 3 grains or something.

    It's my opinion, due to my experience, that lowering a dose makes you feel worse than you were before you started replacement. The body doesn't seem to like going down. And I'm sure this was the problem when I started NDT.

    But, we're all different and all react differently. That was just my story. Up to you to decide which way you want to go.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Totally agree with you about the body not liking going down, my Dr cut back my Levo to 100 about 3months ago, and I have basically slept for the last 2 months getting worse by the day, and almost every other hypo thyroid symptom you could think of has returned. I decided to start on 1 and a half grains as thought that a bit nearer to the 100 and certainly didn't want to go any lower, and have since increased it to 2. Following increases as in sttm. Very early days, but hopefully I am slowly crawling out of the hole I've been in. ;) Thanks

  • He reduced you from 200 to 100 in one go? The man ought to be shot! No Wonder you slept for two months! What a terrible strain on your body.

    Be careful not to increase too fast. The more you increase, the slower you should increase, if you see what I mean. Otherwise, you might miss your sweet spot. Don't forget there is T4 in NDT and it takes 4 to 6 weeks to convert.

    Good luck, Grey

  • Hi, yes it was in one go, still in the sleeping zone but hopefully as I gradually increase things will improve. And yes, I am taking all advise on board from this fabulous website and will not increase too quickly, even though its very tempting. Thanks.

  • Well, I'm seriously shocked! Your doctor obviously knows nothing about thyroid. I don't know, can you change him? I personally would never again trust a doctor that did that. If he's ignorant on that score, what else doesn't he know about?

  • I have lost faith, especially as didn't feel great when I started going but now I hardly function at all. I have a lot of hope in the NDT I am being prescribed at the moment, but yes that's why I questioned the dose prescribed and have done my own thing, slowly increasing. I've not been on it long and only up to 2 grains, I have seen little improvements , hopefully as I increase and time goes on I will get some energy back. Thanks.

  • I wish you lots of luck. x

  • don't forget that if you decide to go slow with the changeover, or need to adjust at any point, that you can cut your tabs in half, or even quarters. I cut my T3 into teeny quarters, as that seems to be the daily dose that helps (plus my 2.5 grains of thyroid S p.d.).

    Working out the right dose ain't easy. And once you've found it your body may change what it wants and you need to adjust again. And then again. Thyroidism is like a puppy ...

  • Thanks, great advise on cutting in half, as feel much more confident increasing in half grains. I would never have thought of that as my brain still hasn't switched back on yet!!!

  • I have taken Naturethroid, which I liked very much. If you've been on 200mcg levo for a while, it is usual just to switch from one to another, i.e. 200mcg is equal to around 2 grs of NDT. so, personally, I would start at 2gr and see how you feel in a few weeks, when you can increase 1/2 gr at a time.

    I have always taken my medication in one dose.

  • Thanks, I did start on one and a half as my levo had been cut down to 100 and I am now going with the half grain increases, so fingers crossed. Thanks :)

  • Fingers crossed.

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