Nature thyroid

Nature thyroid

I am self medicating on NT ,I was previously on 75mg of levothyroxine . I am now on three and a half grains and still under medicating .worried that the ND is not going to work for me .My temperature is 36.6 in morning which is a lot better than previously 35.4 ,I am not cold any more , constipation is still problem and feel out of breathe at times . Blood results were tsh 0.02 T4 19.2 and still waiting on T3 as lab didn't do it ,any advice please .

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  • Maggie, wait and see what FT3 is before increasing. If FT3 is over range that can cause breathlessness and you are currently taking the equivalent of 262.5mcg of Levothyroxine.

    Is your ferritin good? Low ferritin/iron can cause breathlessness too.

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  • T3 was 3.7 12weeks ago and ferritin was fine

  • Maggie, were you on 3.5 grains when FT3 was 3.7?

  • Was on about two and half grains , when I up to three grains a week ago felt great for a few days ,no constipation etc but after about three days went back to belong unwell .I take adrenal supplement one a day but will get my ferrin tested again .thanks for your help .

  • Maggie, if ferritin was good 12 weeks ago I doubt it is a problem. It takes 3/4 months for red blood cells to die off and renew so may be premature to retest now.

    You are increasing too quickly. It's usually advised to increase by 1/2 grain every two weeks and slow down as you get to 3 grains and more.

  • Thanks for info ,increased by 1/4 from Augest and slowed down when reached 2grain stayed at that for 3weeks ,but up by 1/4 each till I reached 2 1/2 ,then up by 1/2 grain and did same following week as fed up with constipation ,so may have up too quickly ,

  • As long as fine = around 70/80/90 for Ferritin.

  • What is "fine"? I hear that word used mostly to mean "within range" but not necessarily optimum.

  • Stay the course but do make sure your ferritin is above 70 and that you are taking a really good multivitamin last thing at night plus at least 2000 mg vit c to assist your adrenals

  • Hi Maggie, That is a lot of NT. I would have a test in a few weeks, TSH, T4 and Free T3 and see what the results say. You need to remember that it takes a while for the treatment to work. MY temp. is always low, not thyroid at all in my case ,so not a good guide.


  • These are a couple of links for information:-

  • Do you have Candida albicans? - see e.g. Dr. Sarah Myhill's website on Bowel Problems/Dysbiosis/Candida albicans

    Have you also looked into Vitamin B12 deficiency? - Symptoms can be very similar/same as hypothyroidism - pernicious-anaemia-society....

    If you really don't know what you should be doing - have you considered a functional/ecological/holistic doctor?

  • I would ask how quickly have you been ramping up? It will take several weeks for the T4 levels to build, so if you have increased your dose and increased your dose without waiting a good few weeks you may well over shoot and end up on too much. You have to let it work each time before increasing.

  • Sounds like your t4 is not converting, but you're getting some relief. How are your energy levels? BodyMind and food/nutrition? You may want to check your TPO and IgG levels for autoimmunity as well as check RT3. Talk with your doc as I'm not a doc but rather an advocate and functional nutritionist. <Admin deleted> I know it's not an easy road.

    Best to you,


  • Certain foods bind with NT so it's a good idea to take it on an empty stomach and not eat afterwards for a couple hours.

  • Great comments for me to see too, as I am self dosing on NDT.

    I took me time to build up past the 2 grain mark . It was even a bit backwards and forwards past 1 and a half grains. If you raise too quick, as the others have said, all of a sudden, wham! I think I'm after the feeling the T3 gives me each time I raise which is great,,,then the t4 storage catches up. My personal experience is hovering to and fro a bit until it feels right. I am now on 2. 1/4 grains a.m. and 1 grain p.m. I will probably have to reduce a bit for a while when the total dose catches up. But 2 grains is no longer enough and hypo symptoms coming back. When I tried to go from 2 to 2 1/2 I was buzzing too much a few days in.

  • OI tried Naturethroid and it didn't work as well as Armour but I had to cut to 30mg first thing in AM and then take next 30mg around noon to 1 pm then take 30 mg around 5 pm. Spacing out like this works for me.

  • Any advice on best way to reduce my ND as I am overdosing just found out as someone who said they knew how to up my ND is I believe wrong.i was on 2 3/4 two weeks ago and now on 3 1/2 which is why I am out off breath going upstairs or walking ,chest felt very heavy and heart beat was slightly high doctor said ,only on the 3 1/2 two days and was feeling worse .only took 2 grIns yesterday and felt a lot better and not out of breath but today did 2grains morning and 3/4 this afternoon as don't want to drop to quickly .had inflammation in chest and this is a lot better so believe I up to quick after the 2 1/2 grain , any advice please .

  • I don't know the exact answer for you but once I was on 2 grains I found I could only up by a quarter and sometimes have to go up and down between. I am 2 1/2 now and will cut back down again to 2 if I need. You sounded very hyper...why did you want to raise to that level Maggie? It will cause all those symptoms not unlike feeling very hypo. I also get dreadful weird sweats. Sometimes the hyper can come on before the hypo has had time to adjust to new level.

  • Only felt out off breath if I went upstairs or tried to do much walking about .felt tired and very heavy in chest . Slept well so when I was told I was not taken enough by a supposed reflexology who said she knew what to do I thought she was right .

  • iron stores cannot rely on ferritin alone. A serum ferritin will be raised in inflammatory disorders, haemochromatosis and many others. The whole gammut of serum iron, IBC, saturation, transferin and ferritin must be assessed to determine if iron stores are adequate. In the case of anaemia of chronic disease (eg arthritis etc), ferritin is increased yet there is still an anaemia (a quantitative decrease in the number of red cells and or haemoglobin). So don't rely purely on ferritin. As a medical scientist, I've seen many a patient with anaemia (low Hb) yet an increased ferritin....even in patients that rely on transfusions.

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