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Am i ok to take Zapain?

I woke up feeling a little headachey yesterday.

I took my first B12 and B Complex about 19 hours ago and it seemed to off worked as I was laughing and all giddy within 30 mins.i even cleaned my house. The headacheyness (if that's even a word) gradually went but id also taken Laxido and Fybogel. Last time I took just Laxido I got a Migraine too as I didn't realise I had to drink plenty of Water. I did drink 2 litres but clearly it wasn't enough.

Within 3 hours I felt it coming back and it gradually turned into a migraine. I'm not sure what caused it as I also Bleached my floors so I'm not sure if smelling that helped but I wasn't sure whether I could take any painkillers so I had something to eat and went to bed hoping it would've gone when I woke up but I've still got it.

Am I ok to take Zapain? I have work later and really need it gone. I'm also "due" my next B12 and Complex in a few hours...will it still be ok to take them?

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Inhaling bleach fumes is not good and could be the cause of headaches. Why use bleach ? I live with a Septic Tank and cannot use it - try vinegar. Leaves a wonderful shine too. I have acres of tiles as I live in Crete and it works well. We need more good bacteria not less :-)

Sorry not able to advise about Zapan.

Sounds to me as if you are undermedicated .....


It was the only thing I had in, usually I don't use it as I do tend to inhale it too much and get a migraine. I'll try with vinegar next time :)

UnderMedicated for what? :)

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Sometimes being under medicated for the thyroid can produce headaches :-)


Hi Nicki,

Zapain is codeine & paracetamol. It shouldn't clash with B's. Please check your symptoms & prescribed & self-prescribed medication with your GP or pharmacist.

I take Kapake, as 1 works better than 2 Zapain. My friend in the drugs industry tells me it's because of ingredient quality, as it says the same thing on the box.

For bad headaches I take Migralieve, & if it turns into migraine, I take Sumatriptan. Migralieve contains paracetamol, & you can only take 2 in 24 hours, along with up to 6 other paracetamol based tablets. Sumatriptan can be taken as well as paracetamol & anti-inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen. The dose is 1, at the start of a migraine, then if that helps reduce the pain, but the mgraine starts to return, only 1 further can be taken in 24 hours. Again, please check this with somebody qualified.

Paracetamol & codeine slow down gut motility, so they will make constipated. Make sure you take all tablets with a large glass of water, & consume at least 2l over a day. One of the main causes of headaches for me, is dehydration, so I probably have over 3l a day, & more in warm weather. Dehydration causes constipation, as does a poor diet. Try having a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal, if you don't drink regularly throughout the day. & eating more fruit, vegetables, pulses, & nuts. I get my B12 from kefir, which is a type of yoghurt, & add fruit, so that's 500mls of fluid. It also contains K2. I regularly use organic apple cider vinegar to help my digestion. I like it on salads, or sometimes have a spoon before meals.

As Marz said, vinegar is great for cleaning. I add grapefruit & orange zest to white vinegar, so it smells nice, & leave it for a month before straining it into a squirty bottle. Sometimes I add a few drops of tea tree oil for cleaning my floor. Amything messy is sprinkled with bicarb first. White vinegar is great instead of fabric conditioner, & is a water softener, too. 100mls in with the washing liquid & 100mls in the softener draw. Cleaner clothes, with no calcium buld up in your washing machine, & no rainforest destruction for palm oil.



Just wondering, can you smell any kind of hint of vinegar on the clothes afterwards?


A little, when it's wet, but no smell at all by the time the washing's dry.


Thank you, I might give it a try then. 🙂


Thank you for the advice.

I checked with my pharmacist as they said it was fine to take painkillers with vitamins.

I'm only able to get my Zapain on prescription as my previous surgery gave it to me. usually they only give you basic ones so i doubt they will give me a prescription for the Kapate if it's better.

I've tried a lot of painkillers in the past including Migraleve and Sumatriptan but neither works. Zapain are the only ones that work now unless i get it when it's just starting then normal paracetamol works but i tend to wake up with them most the time so there already bad when i wake up :( I've had an MRI and Lumber Puncture and still no idea what causes them. i'm hoping that when the Magnesium kicks in which i've only taken for a week helps to stop them as i've heard it can.


I asked my GP to specify Kapake, as it works better, & I use half the amount, which works out cheaper for them.

I have a pituitary tumour, so a constant headache is an issue. Are you sure it's migraaine, if neither migralieve or sumatriptan help?

Which magnesium do you take? Citrate is better for constipation, & chelated for absorption.


Zapain does say use with caution in people with hypothyroidism.

I totally agree with Marz about the beach, the fumes are toxic. White vinegar (the clear one, distilled vinegar) is a good substitute.

Have you started your B12 and B Complex on the same day? It's advised to start supplements one at a time, give it a week or so to see of you have any adverse reaction, then if all OK add in the next one, give it a week or so, then the next one, etc. If you have started them both at the same time then you could be reacting to one of them. Laughing and giddy doesn't sound right.

Are you taking your thyroid meds at least an hour or two away from anything else?


Hi SeasideSusie,

I'm not hypo I'm hyper and have never had problems taking them, In fact there the only ones that seem to work now :(

I've been putting off the cleaning all week so when I had the energy yesterday, Bleach was the only thing I had usually I use disinfectant. Never thought about Vinegar...ill give that a try next time.

Yes I took them together, I did ask if it was ok to yesterday as they were the same thing and was told it was ok. I haven't taken today's yet as I'm gonna check with the pharmacist first but I thought that the giddiness and laughing meant it was working. I'll take the B Complex first them as that has the B12 and Folate in.

I don't have to take any thyroid meds at the moment as I'm classed as Subclinical but my endo is keeping an eye on it.


Oh, sorry nikki2975 I didn't have much time earlier on to check back on earlier posts, I just assumed hypo.

Well, I could do with some giddiness and laughing so can you share which brand you are using :D

I've had to abandon all chemical stuff or anything that smells (candles, air fresheners, etc) in my house because of my lung disease. Bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, old fashioned things like that can be great substitutes for a lot of the toxic chemical stuff.

Next time you're feeling energetic, I can send you my address :D


No problem, the B12 is Jarrow and the B Complex is Thorne btw :).

I can't find the giddiness and laughing as a side effect of either online. is it worth just taking them both and if i do have an allergic reaction at least i'll only have to stop the two and take one at a time but none so far?. I really struggle with energy and have none by the time i get to work and my job is physically demanding (well it is for me atm) the sooner i can get some energy the better. with the others i'll make sure i go back to 1 a week?

After i posted this question i gave in and took one Zapain instead of the usual two and i only have the odd twinge. I had it with breakfast and i went back to sleep for a couple of hours. within 30mins to 1hr after i woke up i was dressed and on the bus to go to my local shopping centre to get some things i needed. that NEVER happens so i think i am feeling the benefits of them already!

Whilst i was out i went to the pharmacy i get my prescriptions from and they said it was fine to take Painkillers with Vitamins so i'm glad i know now and don't have to put up with the pain for as long as i did last night. it would of gone by the first time i'd woken up if i'd took them before bed.

I leave for work in an hour and debating what to do with the B12 and Complex


Sorry nikki2975 it's probably too late now, I've been out.

I use the Solgar B12 - maybe I should change to Jarrow :D . I did use the Thorne Basic B (on something else now) but I didn't get that reaction. I'm envious :( I want to feel giddy and have a good laugh!

I want things to work quickly but they never do with me. I never seem to have any kind of eureka moment with anything I take, yet ask me weeks down the line and I'll probably say that yes, I do feel a bit better but can't tell you when that happened. I think I may be a bit strange :)

My son had to take Zapain for a while last year, he's off it now. I get a lot of headaches but can't take anything with codeine in because of my lung disease so I get Paracetamol with Caffeine, works better than bog standard Paracetamol with me.

What I would do, as your B Complex has some B12 in it, just take that for the next few days and see what happens. Add the B12 back in and see what happens.

If you get to the point where you have too much energy to cope with, please pop some in the post for me :)

Let us know (well, me anyway) how it goes. I'm so intrigued by your reaction.


I took them both today and had no reaction again. I'm amazed they have started working so quickly and I think the Magnesium is also starting to work too.

I wasn't giddy or laughing today but I feel a lot calmer and smiling more. I'm usually constantly stressed and work makes it worse but today, I wasn't as stressed and if I did start to feel it I didn't feel the rage that usually comes with it (if that's the right way to word it)

I also feel a bit more energetic but still not as much as I need for work. I'll keep you updated and send some over if I have too much :)


Wow Nikki, I'm envious! I'm glad you're feeling such a benefit, long may it continue :)


Maybe something in the Laxido is causing you to have these headaches,,,,,leave it alone for a while,,,migraine needs it's own medication especially for it,,,,I have found ordinary pain killers do not work on migraine,,,,,smelling bleach might have made the migraine worse,,,,, a particular migraine medication would be helpful to have in,,,,,, I would take the Zapain if needed and then the B12 later on,,,,,the B12 is the energy boost,,,see your gp for help with the migraines,,,,,ttfn from Karen.


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