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Can you take Zapain when on Iron tablets?

It's been 4 ish hours since I had them but have been put off taking them incase there is an interaction but my migraine isn't it ok to take them?

It's actually being on the Iron tablets that's caused it as I'm not eating as much during the day with working and the wait before and after taking it.

A few hours earlier, I was thinking to myself how it had been 3 weeks since I had one and then I go and get one :(

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Can anyone help me please? I've still got my migraine but I'm due my next Iron Tablet soon!


Can't find any contraindications and I take Zapain daily as well as Iron... still alive 😊


Thank you! I decided to leave my 2nd iron tablet yesterday just in case and took the Zapain instead. Migraine went but came back when I woke up this morning so took two more Zapain and left the iron but I dont want to go another day without taking It again and I don't think my migraines fully gone yet so I'll probably need to take more soon but I'll take my iron tonight.

Can you take 2 iron tablets at the same time or is it better to just take the one and go back to two tomorrow?

I have asked my pharmacist if it's ok to take vitamins and Painkillers and they said it was fine but I wasn't taking iron at the time and was too nervous to take it just in case :)


Better safe than sorry eh 😄 What dose Iron? I take ferrous Fumarate 210mg a day Imho 2 as one off would do no harm but zi would probably just fake usual dose then back to normal 😊


i'm on 200mg Ferrous Sulphate twice a day. my migraine went yesterday so i took 1 two hours after eating and i've taken 1 this morning too so i'm back to two a day but i will find out if i can take both for next time. I missed 2 doses and feel a bit weird this morning after my second dose. i don't know if dizzy is the right term but i feel off and my stomach is too and i never had side effects from taking them before now. i wonder if stopping and then starting again has caused it?


Sorry take not fake lol spell check is being weird


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