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why do i feel so yucky, was diagnosed with Anemia and vitamin d deficiency a couple of weeks ago, i was prescribed 800ui Desunin 1 a day and Ferrous sulfate daily, after reading about co factors i also brought vitamin k and Magnesium, the first week i felt horrendous with Nausea, headaches, heartburn and my mouth felt sore and i just felt unwell, thinking it could be the iron, i popped back to the gp's who swapped me onto ferrous Fumarate, ive also noticed i keep getting what can only be described as hunger pangs even though i've eaten, never had these before all the tablets, yesterday my kidneys where aching all day aswell :( i've decided to stop the co factors vit k & magnesium for the moment in the hope things settle down :(

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That doesn't seem anywhere near a high enough vitamin d supplement. My level was 17.5, and I was given 40,000 iu per week, my Dad's level was 28 and he was given 3,500iu per day.

I've no experience of your other symptoms but I found I had lots of headaches and pains all over in early days, which I think was my body getting the levels back to normal and the calcium where it should be. It did pass after about a month. I wouldn't recommend stopping the K or magnesium as the vitamin D needs this to make sure it process the calcium correctly. Calcium can cause other problems if it isn't.

I think I have other things going on with my other results and not just the vitamin D but I have read that it takes months and months to recover from a deficiency in vitamin D, so it may be a case of you have to feel worse before you feel better

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You may be reacting to the vitd, it doesn't suit everyone, even low doses make me feel ill so I now don't take it at all despite being deficient.


I don't know how low your vitamin D is but when I was eventually given high dose tablets 3 months after my initial results came out, I then felt dreadful for nearly 3 months while on them. (I had actually broken one of my toes by the time I got my results.) I was in more pain than before I was on them. I was on a dose of 60,000IU per week for 12 weeks. I was then told to take 1-2,000IU per day as a maintenance dose until I spoke to someone with MS. He then pointed out considering my background I should do my own research and the research indicated I should be on 4-6,000IU instead until I get my level up pass 75nmol/L.

So I strongly doubt your vitamin D supplements are enough. You want a vitamin D level of around 100nmol/L to be optimal. Depending on where you are in the country some labs state a level of 50 while others say a level of 75 is sufficient.

I suggest you go to your doctor's receptionist and get a copy of your test results with ranges. It is your right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to have a printed copy. The surgery will have a protocol for giving you the results so you may have to wait a few days. They may charge you a few pence for the copy and if it's over 40 days since you had the tests they may charge you £10, so you need to act asap. Once you have the results start a new thread to get more detailed advice.

In regards to ferrous fumerate if you are actually anaemic then again the dose is not enough. The standard treatment for iron deficiency anaemia is 3 tablets per day as the aim is to get your level up as quickly as possible.

One tablet per day is a maintenance dose for people who have had iron deficiency anaemia and are likely to suffer it again due to another medical issue.

The site I have posted links to below is a site lots of NHS GPs use to work out how to treat people, so you can point to it if you disagree with your GP as the information is from what is considered a reputable source. It isn't the best information out there but is a lot better than how your GP is treating you now and better than the NHS Choices site.

Vitamin D information - patient.info/doctor/vitamin...

Iron deficiency aneamia information - patient.info/doctor/iron-de...


All above is good advice. I would just add, a few people are oral vitamin d sensitive- get outside at midday as much as poss with as few clothes as poss without burning. That will help whatever.

Also a minority find iron difficult to tolerate.. take your dose up slowly. Lots hate f sulphate.

You will only find the answer by watching your reactions carefully and maybe keeping a note of them.


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