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Folate and ferritin

Hello again.....thanks to many others on here i have managed to a certain degree to sort my hashimoto hypothyroidism out....back in feb my tsh was 3.54 my t4 was 12.4 my recent results show tsh of 0.62 and T4 of 16.4

I am self medicating with levo as my gp and endo wouldnt treat as i was "in range" but i felt way beyond awful... I have to say i feel like a new person...brain fog has is back ( notlike it was before but not far off) the extra pounds arnt falling off in spite of eating majorly healthy and still going to the gym so im a bit confused about that.....??? Currently on 100mcg daily

Anyway my next big question that is puzzling me is this....

My b12 has gone from 556 to. A nice 1735 with suppliments

My vit D levels from 102 to 163 with suppliments

My folate from 7.6 to 17.1 with suppliments

But my folate from 27 to 26 !!! And that is supplimenting with "natures way Iron 18mg" and i take 6 of those a day with 3 vitamin c tablets....

So whats happening? Any ideas?

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As your ferritin has dropped while using NaturesWay perhaps you should try Ferrous Fumarate and take each tablet with 1,000mg vitamin C which aids absorption and minimises constipation.


Thank you. ..currently take "Time health acerola cherry vitc"and I take which is 1800mcg with the iron..can u recommend a good ferrous fummerate ?and a dosage take it they are stronger then the glucomate? Thank you clutter



Ferrous Fumarate 210mg.


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