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More test results...please help

TSH 0.02 (.35-5)

FT4 15.8 (9-20)

FT3 4.2 (2.5-5.7)

MCV 101 (76-96)

MCH 33.1 (26-32)

VIT D 92 (50-150)

B12 355 (180-914)

Lost my folate so being repeated

The low TSH meant doctor dropped me from 110mcg lexothyroxine to 100 as he feels I am over medicated. Now sleep for 2 hrs in afternoon, finding hard to function and depressed (but this may have been worsened by a family death)

What do you guys recommend or suggest?

Thanks all


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Your doctor was just looking at the TSH - silly man! TSH is irrelevant when you are on thyroid hormone replacement, and on its own, does not mean you are overmedicated. He should have looked at your FT3, which is only just over mid-range. There was room for an increase, and no justification for a decrease! Go and tell him how you feel and tell him you would like your dose back where it was, please! Your doctor is just there to advise you, not to dictate to you. But if you don't say anything, they take that as consent. You must always protest and fight your corner.

Your vit B12 is very low, and could be causing some of your symptoms. I would recommend taking 5000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily. Plus a B complex to keep the Bs balanced. Optial for B12 is 1000. :)


Your MCV is over range and could be pointing towards macrocytic anaemia ...... which in turn points to B12 deficiency.

Your result for B12 was reasonable - but that was the amount circulating in the blood and NOT the amount that is available to be transported into the cells where it is needed.

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