Thyroid test results - help please


I've just had my test results back from Blue Horizon. All came back within range as "normal".

TSH - 2.25 range 0.27 - 4.2

Free t3 - 3.7 range 3.1 - 6.8

T4 - 93 range 59-154

Free thyroxine - 12.3 range 12 - 22

Is it possible to be feeling bad on these results , as reading previous posts TSH would be better lower and t3 higher ??

All advice will be gratefully accepted.

Thank you


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  • Williamsa, posts advocating TSH around 1.0 and FT4 and FT3 high in range are for people on thyroid replacement.

    Your TSH, FT3 and FT4 are within normal range but FT4 is at the bottom of range and FT3 low in range, low enough to cause hypothyroid symptoms in my opinion, but not low enough to get NHS treatment yet.

    I think you should retest in 3-6 months and if your FT4 drops below range you should get a diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism which usually means the thyroid gland is healthy but isn't receiving sufficient TSH stimulus to produce hormone.

  • Yes, it is possible to be feeling bad on these results as many of us feel better when our levels are Not within the parameters of blood tests.

    Had RAI for Graves Disease in 2001. This site has helped me immensely to understand lab results VS symptoms and how to address them in order to feel better.

  • I'm sorry - I meant "When our bloods Are Within the parameters of blood test. Do checkout the website. It will explain it all.

  • Thank you all for your replies. This site is fab for advice , especially as doctors a

    Clutter , what would I need to take to help the tsh stimulus ?

    I have bought the nutri adrenal supplement and thought I d try that first , as I've suspected adrenal fatigue and thyroid involvement for a while , but I will do anything to feel "normal" again .

  • Williamsa, don't attempt to take anything for thyroid, you'll skew results. If your FT4 drops without your TSH rising you probably have pituitary dysfunction causing secondary hypothyroidism. If that happens your GP should prescribe Levothyroxine to replace low thyroid hormone while he refers you to an endocrinologist for investigation.

  • Clutter , thank you . My GP will refuse me the tests and a referral to endo . Is pituitary dysfunction only diagnosed by ft4 rising and tsh dropping?

  • Williamsa, I haven't said you have pituitary dysfunction, but one sign of it is when FT4 drops below range without TSH rising. Pituitary dysfunction is confirmed or ruled out by a pituitary function test.

    NICE recommends:

    If secondary hypothyroidism is suspected, refer urgently to an endocrinologist for investigation into the underlying cause and other hormone deficiencies.

  • Hi Clutter , I will keep that in mind and re test thyroid privately and see if anything has changed . I queried the pituitary as I wondered whether it would be a quicker route than having to wait 3 or so months to re test thyroid. I feel so awful and as you know we just want to feel well . Patience isn't my strong point at the moment. lol

    Will the adrenal supplement be ok to take ?

  • ((( Williamsa ))), you shouldn't have to patiently tolerate feeling like carp but self helping your thyroid now is likely to delay you getting a diagnosis.

    It might be worth seeing another GP for a second opinion with your current results. My trainee GP would not have been happy with FT4 <14.

    An adrenal supplement shouldn't affect thyroid and if adrenal function is low it may help.

  • Clutter , so grateful for the advice , I will be patient and try to find a better GP (seems impossible everywhere these days ) . All this is double dutch to me, so I'm really grateful for your input and patience.

  • Your free t4 and free T3 are too low for you to feel really well. But no NHS GP will treat with those results - perhaps if the free T4 drops below range. T4 should be about 18 (or more) and T3 over 5 with those ranges (bad at maths, mind).

  • Thank you for your advice . It's reassuring being able to speak to people who are knowledgeable in all this.

  • Angel..if you don't convert t4 to t3, a high t4 level, like 18, could make someone very ill. They will be even more hypothyroid.

  • That's why free T3 needs to be around 5 as well. If you had a high T4 and low T3 you'd know you weren't converting and have to ask for NDT or T3. The OP has both low. If the range is 12 to 22, 18 isn't very high - 17.5 would be the recommended 75% of range (I just rounded it up to the nearest whole number).

  • I was told by 3 Functional med doc's and Holtorf medical, that the rt3 needs to be at the bottom 1/4 of the range. Adding t3 to a person with a high rt3 level and still on t4, doesn't help. RT3 blocks receptors and works like an anti thyroid med would. I have lived thru every med at every rt3 was at 18 and i could not lose a pound. I was told it was too high. You cannot make a statement that a ft3 NEEDS to be at a certain number. People with thyroid hormone resistance, may need so much t3, that their levels are triple the normal range. You just can't dose according to labs. This is why so many are left ill.

  • Do you have any good references for RT3 blocking T3 receptors?

  • Faith, it's fair to generalise that most people will feel symptomatic when TSH is high, or when FT4 and FT3 are low and will usually feel better with FT4 and FT3 towards the top of range. rT3 isn't tested by the NHS apart from some local trials. Why would you assume Williamsa has rT3 or resistance to thyroid hormone?

  • I was actually talking to Angel or the north..sorry for the confusion. I should have directed it to her, by putting her name in the replay.

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