so confused again

I have GD and last november (2015) was told to stop the carb after 18 months of treatment , 6 weeks later I start to feel ill again I have a blood test

TSH 0;90

t4 11,07

t3 3.54

I am told go away your normal (fair enough but i feel ill )

I had a blood test in July 2016 because I feel very odd itchy hair falling out , panic brain fog dizzness , fearful , confusion the results are TSH -0.02 T4 13.00 t3 3.07 . now i know my t4 is not high but no way is my TSH (normal) the lab range for tsh is 0.4-5.00 , can some one tell me whats going on as i feel I am going hyper

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  • Wendypartridge,

    I think you may be going hyper as your TSH has become suppressed and your FT4 has risen although it, and FT3 are still low in range.

  • Thanks Clutter , can you tell me if you have come across this before ? my doctor put me on 2and half mgs of carb aday 9 weeks ago when my tsh was 0.2.7 and my t4 was 12.00 but the Tsh still droped of course i get oh your in the Normal range ?

  • Wendypartridge,

    If TSH dropped when you were taking 2.5mg Carbimazole the dose needs raising.

  • Thank you for your advise Clutter , it helps talking to some one who understands

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