I am on T3 only and TT. 9 weeks ago my blood test results were Tsh 0.05 and T3 6.8 so told to reduce meds from 70mcg to 60mcg. Blood test yesterday my Tsh is 0.02 and T3 10.8 how is this as I thought the Tsh would increase and T3 would decrease. I have also had joint pain especially in my fingers for a week and average pulse rate so did think I was a little hypo feeling mentally low also. Any ideas as have been told to reduce to 50mcg and I am reluctant to do so as I don't want to become depressed again.

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  • Have you thought about time between blood draw and taking T3? Time of day? Separating T3 from food, drink? Other medicines?


  • 20mcg 7am. blood test 11.15am. Take meds same time every day religously the same way. Doc says tsh not affected by time of day?

  • Have a read here:

    Click on to the actual paper. Look at the graphs. Then consider what your doctor said...

    TSH is a very poor test for judging T3 dosing.


  • Thanks but too complicated for me to understand since I'm not very bright? Am going to stay on the 60mcg because I am so cold and have pains.

  • TSH rises from around 8 in the evening, peaks at around midnight, falls until somewhere round midday, then trundles along near the bottom until 8 in the evening.

    That is, TSH most definitely does change through the day in most people.

    But when you are taking T3, and TSH is very low, it might not really make much difference.

  • Thanks

  • My TSH is 0.01 and am fine. GP's shouldn't adjust doses by only taking the TSH into consideration.

    This is a link about T3 in general which you may find helpful. Cursor to question dated November 9, 2005 and the other questions may help you.

    When doctor's adjust meds according to the TSH and not by how the patient 'feels' it can lead to feeling quite unwell again.

  • Hi, thanks, I had thought I would not change dosage. Could you send the link please, would be interested to read more. Thanks.

  • Sorry, I didn't realise I missed the link. Here it is

    There are also other topics at the top of the page.


    This chart shows how the TSH can be low and yet you still have symptoms.

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