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advice please again

Hi my friends i have being unwell and fed up of this whole thyroid thing. In January my tsh was 1,25 (02.5.00) t4 16 (9- 20) t3 3,23 (0.3-5.00) felt really unwell ever since i upped my levo from 100 day to 125 every other day . another blood test last week t4 16 t3 3.4 and tsh 0.72 . Pain is back and my mood low. I nd me i need to see endro to get t3 eed to ask what can I do ? Drs don't care about my problems, he told me i need to see endro to get t3 , but i am not with endro because the discharged me last your when i had RAI . I need to know if i am treating my levels wrongly. when I was hyper I suffered with great pain and i blamed my suppressed TSH its seems since then I an scared of a low TSH but when My tsh was3,33 i was still in pain but a different pain (if that make sense , I feel like stopping this tablet levo I have had blood tests for all vits which came back normal

my symptoms are anxiety, fibro, muscle weakness, muscle pain brain fog tremor pins and needles off balance .. I feel like giving up I am housebound , I just don't know what to do .. help me, please

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Hi Wendy so sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. I’m new on here and I’m sure you will get lots of good support and advice from fellow members. I did yesterday, Sending you a gentle hug, your not alone 🙏🏻 X

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Suppressed TSH didn't cause your pain, because TSH doesn't make you feel anything. It T3 that causes symptoms when it's either too low or too high. Your FT3 is too low, so yes, you do need T3, you don't convert very well - not well enough. Have you never considered buying your own?

There's no such thing as 'normal' when it comes to blood test results. It just means 'in-range'. But, the ranges are vast. Do you have the actual numbers?


thank you greygoose my t3 -3.4 (02.5) t4 -16 (9-20) tsh -0.72(0.3.0 -5)


No, I meant the numbers for you nutrient tests. :)


vit b12 484 (180-900)

folate 3.8 (3.00-20)

calcuim 2.42(2,20-2.60) he told me vit d was normal


Your calcium is OK.

Your B12 could be higher - best at least over 500.

Your folate is pretty dire.

Do you not have a number for the vit D? I wouldn't take his word for it! And what about ferritin?


vit d 700 no ferritin , gray goose what can i do ??


You have RAI which is the one thing we always tell people not to have

It seems from your results that RAI has damaged your ability to convert the T4 in levothyroxine into the t3 your body cells need to function

Also after Graves Disease and RAI or surgury often patients find they can only get well on NDT rather than synthetic levo or T3


the fact you tell people not to RAI is not useful to me at all , I can not understand why you would write such a comment when you know i am suffering . Please tell me when did you get your Phd


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