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over the counter raw thyroid

Hi all / I've tried about every thyroid medicine and am having great luck w an over the counter brand / I can't believe it !! I had run out of my compounded extract that I've taken for 3 plus years and went to a health food store in desperation to find something that might get me through until my meds arrived / The meds arrived a week later but I'm still using this non gmo from Natural Sources / I feel like the old me :) YAY ! Just wanted to share ... Have a beautiful day

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Welcome to the forum. Please give more information so that members can better assess the validity of your claims. At the moment, your post sounds suspiciously 'spam like' :)

For example, you mention:

* you've tried about every thyroid medicine. Please explain more about the thyroid medicines you've tried. Are you including prescription thyroid hormones in this claim?

* running out of your compounded extract. Please tell us more about the ingredients of this medicine.

It would also be very helpful if you would explain the nature of your thyroid condition. Are you officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?


Hi RedApple :) Not Spam ~ it was so long ago assuming I was just trying to give people hope and help them with my own experience !! Hypothyroidism - not taking the Supp I mentioned anymore/ found by Dr Brownstien / he has videos and books on thyroid issues / it's minerals and a little iodine / feeling fine now / A natural Dr here ( US ) took me off all grains and gluten too ! Sorry I only saw this now !!

Eat Real Food -Mostly Vegetables - Only Organic- Nothing Processed - Not too much & ionic minerals

Two amazing Drs.... YouTube & Books ... Dr Robert Thompson & Dr David Brownstein !! Xo


The ingredients, according to one usually trustworthy site, are:

Synergistic Complex

(Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Maltodextrin (corn derivative) American Ginseng.) 390 mg

Capsule (gelatin), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), kelp and flogard.

Note how they invent this wonderful sounding "Synergistic Complex" - and give a list of its ingredients. But not a scrap of information on the proportions.

Then they almost hide the kelp in "Other ingredients". Again no information on proportions or quantities.


Flogard is an antibiotic if I found that one out right. And there's no way to contact the company...


Flo-gard is a special silica material used for anti-caking, and ensuring free flow:

PS This thread is over a year old.


Yes, I found it because I was looking for information on the same medication which I also recently bought. This is one of the first things that pops up when Googling. That's why I respond.

It's not hyphenated like "Flo-Gard", it's "Flogard" on the packaging. "Flogard" is listed as an old brand name for the antibiotic Ofloxacin on several websites.

Edit: found Flogard as a 2017 trade name for Ofloxacin

It makes sense, since antibiotics are unfortunately used to encourage growth in pig farms. That's why it's also weird that there is no e-mail address and contact for the company, "Natural Sources".

I'm wary.


Natural Sources, Inc.

PO Box 4298

San Clemente, CA 92674

(949) 361-8829

(949) 366-1762 (fax)

It is common to add silica to substances in capsules.

I cannot think of any other medicine which is not in any way an antibiotic, that has an antibiotic added.

Antibiotics used in pig farming wouldn't be listed as ingredients. They'd probably do their best to ignore that they are used at all!


Silica is not an antibiotic / And yes it doesn't say from pastured animals or such / So could very well contain 2nd generation whatever/ ... I just know that the intent of these types of company's is far nobler than that of pharmaceuticals in the US ! And I am living proof of natural health and healing :)

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It doesn't say "silica", it says "Flogard", which is listed in the GIDEON Guide to Antimicrobial Agents as a trade name of Ofloxacin.


Yup, that's why I'm gonna ask, since I don't like the looks of it. It's BTW listed as a trade name of Ofloxacin in the Gideon Guide to Antimicrobial Agents 2017.

Also, silica is usually listed as such. Have you ever seen it listed as Flo-Gard or Flogard? Usually, there's a small tm if branded ingredients are used.

Lastly, I'd like to know just how much thyroid hormone is in average in the capsules...

I just need to find a fax, since I can't afford to call overseas and they have no email address, which I also find pretty weird. Should have looked before buying.


Armour lists, for example, Opadry White - without identifying the constituents of that.


Good points !I noticed that too but I was kind of desperate at the time ! It seemed to help a lot but I don't take anymore / using minerals and iodine now and changed my diet

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I don't blame anyone for grabbing at any passing straw! Who knows, there might be a boat attached. :-)


What country do you live in? Natural Sources seems to be an American brand, so unlikely to be over the counter in the UK.

So glad you've found something which works for you.


Thanks Luv ! I am in the US / I found another Sup that works or Seem to work / That post is so old / I take a product called Actalin by a dr who is a pioneer in natural thyroid support / it have minerals and iodine in it / I bet u can find something similar wherever you are ! Take care xo


US ! I think Nat sources is US / I take a mineral based product now and changed my diet / feeling good ! I downloaded the App so maybe I'll be abl to reply quicker than a Year or so Lol ! Hope you're Well ! Xo


Do you get your raw thyroid from New Zealand please thanks


Hi there ! I'm in the US / not taking the supp I posted on so long ago / nothing wrong w it / found another supp w minerals and iodine / Seems avoiding grains and gluten is key to thyroid health in this country! Take care xx


Don't take that anymore / I don't know the source but it was from a place in the Midwest called the Women's International Pharmacy/ I now take a mineral based supplement that seems to work & changed my diet ! Seems whether one is low or high this dysfunction is environmental / as in what we're getting in our bodies and Not getting in our bodies !


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