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Hi all / I've tried about every thyroid medicine and am having great luck w an over the counter brand / I can't believe it !! I had run out of my compounded extract that I've taken for 3 plus years and went to a health food store in desperation to find something that might get me through until my meds arrived / The meds arrived a week later but I'm still using this non gmo from Natural Sources / I feel like the old me :) YAY ! Just wanted to share ... Have a beautiful day

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  • Grace1414,

    Welcome to the forum. Please give more information so that members can better assess the validity of your claims. At the moment, your post sounds suspiciously 'spam like' :)

    For example, you mention:

    * you've tried about every thyroid medicine. Please explain more about the thyroid medicines you've tried. Are you including prescription thyroid hormones in this claim?

    * running out of your compounded extract. Please tell us more about the ingredients of this medicine.

    It would also be very helpful if you would explain the nature of your thyroid condition. Are you officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?

  • The ingredients, according to one usually trustworthy site, are:

    Synergistic Complex

    (Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Maltodextrin (corn derivative) American Ginseng.) 390 mg

    Capsule (gelatin), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), kelp and flogard.

    Note how they invent this wonderful sounding "Synergistic Complex" - and give a list of its ingredients. But not a scrap of information on the proportions.

    Then they almost hide the kelp in "Other ingredients". Again no information on proportions or quantities.

  • What country do you live in? Natural Sources seems to be an American brand, so unlikely to be over the counter in the UK.

    So glad you've found something which works for you.

  • Do you get your raw thyroid from New Zealand please thanks

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