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Latest test results where to go from here

Here are my latest results, any guidance on improving numbers.

Thyroid Abs - 265 (0-50) halfed since going gluten free

Serum Folate 8 (2-17)

TSH 1.8 (0 35-5.00)

Magnesium  1.8 (0.35-5.00)

Ferritin 49 (15.00 -250)

Vitamin D 88 (75.00 - 200)

Calcium 2.26 (2.10-260)

Neutrophil 1.4 (2.00 -7.5)

Generally feeling better than I have in ages but still have issues with anxiety, no libido, low mood, non existent period  (got the period pains but very light where its spotting but not red more pink/white ).

Currently taking b12, vitamin D, 50 Levo (period thing started after increase in levo), going to try increasing to 75g.

I bought Floravital and vitamin C..haven't taken it yet.

Anything else I can do?

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So is that on 50mcg of levo daily? How long have you been on 50mcg of levo? If it's been more than 6 weeks I'd say you need a raise in dose. Most feel better with a TSH below 1.0 when on levo.

You do need to raise your iron levels - which Floradix did you buy?

And sorry, not reading properly today - keep missing things!



No problem, I wrote the post rather fast as I deleted it first by accident and had to retype everything.

Currently taking 50mg for about 3 months.

I bought the gluten free, yeast free one.


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