Low heart rate, sore coccyx, twitching eyelid - thyroid test needed again?

Hi all

A couple of months have passed now since I was diagnosed with low B12 and vitamin D, and supplements have certainly helped as I now have much more energy and able to exercise at the gym 3-4 times a week. However I'm still not 'normal' and the more I read the more I am convinced that it is thyroid related. Although the tiredness, aches and depression are much better, I still have these specific issues:

Low resting heart rate - 49bpm on average

Twitching right eyelid

Sore coccyx, particularly after sitting for a while

Zero libido

Also despite regular exercise and reducing calories my weight hasn't budged at all.

Back in May I had the following results:

TSH 2.97

T4 total 107.9

Free T4 16.54

Free T3 5.2

Dr said thyroid was fine and to just treat B12 and D which I have been. He also ruled out pernicious anaemia but I don't know how as he didn't test for intrinsic factor. Do I give the B12 and D a few more months or do I need to go back to my dr and get a referral to a specialist? If so, do I need to request a specific thyroid test?



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Hi Stevie, I would say after a couple of months your vitamin levels should be optimized, I would go back.

This the first time I have seen anyone else with coccyx issues, I was in pain with mine for months, found it difficult and in so much pain but it just disappeared, I have since read it can be connected to the thyroid.

Do you take NDT or Levo?

Yep - it's Hypo Tailbone :-) Had it for years and could not sit for long. Now fine !

I wished I had known this I was whittling about it for ages thinking I had all sorts wrong with it!

Not sure it is a recognised condition - but have seen it written about and I have certainly mentioned it before - somewhere ?? B12 injections have helped all my back aches and pains - or is the VitD - or it could be the T3. I think we need to keep an eye on all of it :-)

Wow, just read a few of these old posts. I have cervical spondylosis as well as problems with my lumbar and sacral spine. Is there nothing hypothyroidism doesn't affect? Thanks Marz. :-)

We have more muscles than bones - and it is the muscles that are so affected by low thyroid hormones. They need to good levels of T3 to work efficiently - to expand and contract. So when muscles are unable to work correctly - they restrict the joints preventing freedom of movement and causing stiffness.

Lower back is a common area as the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body - the one that looks like a pantie girdle !! Also the complexities of tendons and ligaments in that area are all affected by poorly energised muscles.

I have had spinal surgery and in the same year had the Tensor Fascia Latta opened and stitched back to enable me to walk up even slight gradients. Back on the yoga mat 12 weeks after each operation. I often just lay there - but hey I was back :-) Stretching out our muscles is the best thing we can do to create flexibility ....

Thanks, so many more things are making sense now. :-)

Just a pity we do not ALL do Anatomy and Physiology at School - instead of subjects we never need. I was fortunate and did Human Biology as a one year O/A level in Lower Sixth - a long time ago ! I did well as there was so much drawing involved - probably why I remember so much !

Yeah, I did human biology at college as well. Cookery and sewing classes at school I could've done without!

Oh I loved both Cookery and Dressmaking too !

Hi Marz, can you tell me more about the hypo tailbone? I have had problems for as long as I've been hypo, but no one has ever mentioned a link with my hypothyroidism. I've been a little better recently, after treating my b12 and seeing a chiropractor but pain and stiffness is still there.


Just found about 20 posts in the above link where Hypo Tailbone is mentioned :-)

Your thyroid is not fine, most people don't feel well unless there tsh is 1 or under, your t4 could be better and your t3, while it could be worse, could be a little better! When you have low b12, exercising will make it worse as it just depletes b12 stores.

How have you been supplementing b12 and vitamin D? Your right to question your doctors view that you don't have pernicious anemia too as he hasn't even done the tests. Although they are flawed too.

You could get a thorough thyroid test done, which include the antibodies, plus b12, folate and ferritin from blue horizon medical. Many of us do that. I think it also depends on what b12 supplements you are taking and how much.

Thanks everyone. I'd never checked my heart rate (nor had the Dr) and this morning when I woke it was 45 bpm. According to my many Googles it should be 60 or more, anything less than 50 can be a cause for concern. Mine is regularly under 50 so should I be concerned? Is this a clear indication that my thyroid is acting up? I understand that athletes can get it this low but I'm certainly not that fit!

In terms of tests, the ones above are from Blue Horizon, which is how I found out my B12 was low (B6 high and therefore they suggested it could be pernicious anaemia which the Dr ruled out). Dr retested and said everything was fine and therefore wouldn't refer me. Just told me to take B12 supplements (I'm on patches now) and get out in the sun to up my D3, completely ignoring all my other symptoms

S Get a referral to a suitable endo.

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