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Puzzled by BH test results- help appreciated

Have just received my second, after 6 months, test results (Thyroid12) from Blue Horizon. I have been supplementing with the help of nutritionist (Magnesium, Selenium, B12, D3, NutriThyroid, NutriAdrenals, Nutrigest, Artichoke etc.) after helpful consultation with Endo in Edinburgh was put on on T3, 2x 10mcg,for nearly three months now. Will have another endo appointment next week and after GP wasn't all that helpful with the items I asked to have tested (More than just TSH, FT4, FT3) I did the BH trst again. Puzzled to see that my antibodies result is up, after 5 months of glutenfree, dairy free, bean free paleo diet! I would appreciate comments as I don't understand while my TSH stays suppressed, my FT4 is down considerably, but my RT3 is, at least, down. Endo wanted me to take 25mcg Levothyroxine and 20mcg T3 but IQ felt that was too low so I have been takinf 50mcg L and 2x 10mcg T3.

Here are my results

TSH 0.27-4.20. was 0.04 Now 0.03

FT4 12-22 was. 24.07 Now 12.31

FT3 3.1-6.8 was 4.86 Now 4.95

TotalT4 (64.5-142) was 132.9 Now 77.9

RT3 10-24 was 36.0 Now 13.0

TPO abs <34 was 18.3 Now 15.0

AntiThgl abs <115. was 113.7 Now 121.5

Vit D 25-175 was 76 Now 148

Vit B12 140-725 was 319 Now 661

Serum Folate 10.4-42.4 was 20.61 Now 23.17

Ferritin 20-150 was 107.7 Now 103.1

CRP <3 was 1.60 Now 1.00

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it did so in the past. Thanks!

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Your FT4 is down because you are taking less Levothyroxine now that T3 is added. rT3 will be lower for the same reasons.

TSH remains suppressed and FT3 4.95 is reasonably good although it isn't much improvement on the previous result.

The dietary changes you've made don't guarantee thyroid antibodies will reduce but it is possible they may have been higher without the changes.

If you are supplementing D3 you could stop now and resume Oct-April.

B12 and ferritin are good. If you are supplementing folic acid or methylfolate you could stop as folate is over range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you - I had been wondering! It is reassuring to receive this help.


Clutter, the folate is very roughly mid-range, not over the range.

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Thanks, misread the range but still don't feel there is any need to supplement with it being mid-range.

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Your B12 is still not good in spite of supplementation. How are you taking it - which brand and how much ? You need a level of around 1000. Once you are supplementing - further testing is of little value as the results are skewed. B12 and Folate work together in the body so improving both should be helpful.

Do remember that only 20% of your B12 result is available to be transported to your cells where it is needed.

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I have been taking Solgar Methylcobalamin nuggets, 1000. I don't know too much about B12, very interesting what you are saying!


Maybe try a bigger dose - Jarrow 5000 would be better. You also need to take a good B Complex to keep all the B's in balance ...



The above link tells your everything you need to know about B12. Check out the videos under the Films heading ....

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Marz - hope you don't mind me butting in but looked at the useage instructions and see that there are two ways of using the nuggets - either swallowing or 'sublingually'.

Elkewilliams - if you have an absorption problem - which is the most likely reason for B12 levels dropping you need to be using the sublingual method rather than swallowing them if you are going to get the most out of the tablets. The idea is that the B12 will then be absorbed through the membranes in your mouth rather than relying upon absorption in the gut.


Thank you Gambit62 - I must write that several times a day and for some reason did not above :-( As I am mostly on TUK forum - we just assume it to be sub-lingual as Thyroid sufferers have poor absorption. Good for others reading this thread :-)


My nutritionist said to chew the little nuggets, maybe I try the sublingual method. I also just had the result of my DIO2 genetic testing and it came back saying :

DIO2 (T92A) rs225014 Heterozygous variant genotype TA. - decreased ability of the enzyme to generate tha active T3 hormone.

So I have this polymorphism after all, does it make any difference or does it generally mean I should really have more T3 given as medication?


sorry can't really help with thyroid.Perhaps Marz can respond.


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