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NDT working - not sure of dosage

I was diagnosed hypo at beginning of year and had three benign nodules, about 1cm3 each. Resisted usual cr.p about Levo.. and found Thiroyd from Thailand. Built up slowly, fortnight by fortnight, to three grains. Two in am, one in pm. Felt less tired, started to lose weight, got some hair back, nails feel better. Most significantly, the nodules can no longer be felt at all... However, started to get palpitations and feel generally a bit "racy", so have dropped back to 2, morning only. I had a TSH of 0.01 and Free T4 of 13 a few weeks ago, so those seem "right"; oculd not persuade anyone to do a FT3 this time...

Is there any chance that, having got rid of hte nodules, my thyroid is able to work better again? Have others had situations of needing a lesser dosage after a while? All perspective on this would be appreciated. I would like to try to go back up to 3 grains, but not sure if it is worth it, and would like to understand how to monitor results too...


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Maybe this article will help but you may have increased the last time by a heftier level than necessary so why not stay at two grains for now. We aim for a TSH of 1.0 and FT4 and FT3 above the half way range depending on what you are taking.



The only nodules likely to affect thyroid function are 'hot' nodules which secrete hormone and cause hyperthyroidism. It's likely your FT3 built up and when it got too high made you feel hyperthyroid. You can order FT3 tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


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