ndt stopped working

hi as some of you know i started ndt 2 weeks ago initially i started on 1/4 of a grain it felt quite strong at first i felt crap for a bit then after a week i raised to 1/2 then 2 days ago 3/4   now this morning i raised to 1 grain the last 2 increases i haven't felt any think at all in ways of energy or any thing really and my temp this morning was very low it was like 35.1 i would have thought id have felt something when i've raised it maybe im worrying to much but it feel like its not having an affect at the moment is this normal would you say?? thanks mark.

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  • Hi Mark

    It will take a while to get into your system and to get on the right dose. What brand are you using as they have different strengths?

  • hi im using nature throid at the moment.

  • OK that's what I take. What dose of levo were you on before taking ndt?

  • i wasn't taking any lol im self medicating now.

  • OK. I started on ndt after a year on levo (which  alleviated symptoms but didn't sort them out). I estimate that it took another year on ndt to get back to being 'me'. I'd suggest sticking with a dose of a grain for 3-4 weeks and then seeing how you feel. It may also be worth doing some blood test via blue horizon to check ft3/4 and tsh. You can then review your dose. 

    On Naturethroid the max dose is 2 to 2.5 grains so hopefully 1 to 1.5 grains should do the trick but unfortunately they're not a magic bullet and it will take time

    Please note I'm not a doc and all of this is from my experience 

  • ok thanks for advice and by the way like u and me ect end up knowing a lot more than some of them doctor do!1 lol thanks mark

  • Mark, unfortunately for some it does take time. 1 gr is a small dose and you have to keep increasing till you get to an optimum for you. The average doses are around 3 to 5 grains and some are higher.

    I know that every day you will be expecting a small imprvement, but if our thyroid gland has been gradually failing for many years, it takes a little while to reach a dose that will improve your health.

    Try not too worry too much although I know that's easy to say. 

  • i think im expecting to much to early lol its just the 1/4 hit me really hard lol then not much else happened after 1/2 a grain but i think your right i need to give it more time thanks for your help guys.

  • Hi just checking to see how things are going on 1/2 grain.  Started on NDT almost weeks ago at 1/4 grain.  Dont see improvement yet I will go up to 1/2 grain in another week.  It's helpful to see how others fair on dosing with NDT. I notice people mention that they take temp and pulse daily.  I wonder if this is something I should do as well?

  • hey it will be 3 weeks on wednesday. im up to 1 grain now  and have been at 1 grain for the last 4 days,when i started the 1/4 it hit me really hard as did raising to 1/2 but at 3/4 and 1 grain i've not felt to much at all i had to raise from the 1/4 and 1/2  faster than 2 weeks cause i was feeling bad hypo symptoms,i've been managing ok on 1 grain i've been a little tired on the evening but ok overall.i was thinking of going up another half today or 2moro maybe take it on the afternoon.

    i've been taking my temps in the morning and my temps have gone down not up lol i thought they would have gone up by now,mine was 35.4 this  morning i hope it starts going up soon:).i haven't bothered with the pulse although i have put my finger on it a few times and it feels about the same it was when i started.but yeah you should watch your temps just to see whats happening with it.

  • Hi Mark, 

    How is the NDT working?  In another week I will increase to 3/4 grain.  I seem to feel better I guess time will tell.  Blood test in a week to see how the levels are.

  • hi yh its seems to be going ok im up to 2 grains now.i don't notice the increase so much now so i dont know if thats good thing or a bad thing lol my body temps hasn't changed tho its still low im hoping it will go up cause i feel better when it does go up.been getting cold feeling in my feet lately im not sure what this is cause i never had that before.im glad your feeling better it does take time i guess to get better

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