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Anyone on variable doses of NDT?

Hi everyone - I'm having trouble getting my dose of Armour optimal. I was on 2.5 grains during February and March and felt great, but then some symptoms started to creep back - e.g. vertigo, headaches. I upped to 2.75 grains and felt better for a couple of weeks, but after a trip to the Brecon Beacons I again felt under-medicated. I then upped to 3 grains and after about 10 days of headaches felt better again. After a week or so though, I developed a few symptoms of over-medication e.g. fine tremor, temperature consistently over 37 degrees, a bit of dizziness and a fastish pulse. I cut right back for a few days and then decided to go back to 2.75 grains. I felt great for a week and then again felt a bit over-medicated. I have now been taking 2.5 grains for a week, but feel a bit under-medicated.

I am thinking of trying alternating doses e.g. 2.75 grains on Mon, Wed and Fri and 2.5 grains on the other days, as I don't think I can cut the 1/4 tablets as they are so small. Has anyone else done this, and does it matter that I will not be having quite the same dose of T3 each day (sure that T4 element doesn't matter)? Any thoughts/suggestions would be very welcome please :) xx

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no it does not matter you don't have the same dose of T3 every day as T3 actually lasts up to 2 days in your system.

Also you may at some point consider adding a tiny bit of T3, ie keep the 2.5 grains but have 5mcg of T3 on top instead or even 2.5 :D

just a thought to keep to one side ;)

PS 5mcg of T3 is roughly equivalent to less than a quarter of a grain of armour, about 1/5 of a grain :)


Thanks nbd :) I think I will try the alternating dosage in that case but will keep the T3 idea up my sleeve - I have been wondering how I would get on with synthetic T3 :D Does the Mexican T3 come in 5mcg dosages? Thanks xx


no, the mexican T3 comes in 25mcg tablets, however others come in 5mcg and the german T3 I have now (thybon) comes in 20mcg tabs but they are quite big so very easy to split in 4.


I have heard this mantra only on this forum, elsewhere I have been (mostly US based) everyone seems aware of the fact that T3 is much more of an up and down experience. I know the half life of T3 is not ultra short (although there is a lot of disagreement on how long it actually is!), and this supports that, but having lived on T3 only, relying on this lead me to a very roller-coaster life! I found well spaced at least 4x a day was needed to feel properly stable on T3 only, and even though I am now on NDT I still dose 3x daily because of the T3 component.

As far as this posting specifically, tiny variations on dose from slight cutting errors and this small daily variation hasn't caused me problems, and I would hope won't cause the poster any either.

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hi Clare, yes I've tried alternating doses in the past, because believe me i've tried everything! it led to me being a bit over treated.The extra T4 shouldn't matter. These days I take small bites of armour if I feel I need it-very random.I've come to believe that we just need varying amounts according to how much we are doing and how hot or cold the weather is.Sorry you are still having trouble. I find I have to keep my life on a very even keel, which is a bit boring i guess.Your trip might have been a bit too much at this stage in the game. I will give you an example of life's balance being upset. Yet again I am trying to have my knee replacement op,but i was so nervous that my heart was beating really fast at the pre-op assessment and the hospital doesn't like my suppressed TSH! (Despite having 6 ops in the past with it suppressed).My t4 is slightly high.I just want to be left alone to do my own thing because I know what I need and they now want me to reduce, which i am doing, but only a bit.This is a perfect example of my balance being upset!! now I feel lousy again, because of the stress involved (sorry to butt into your post). I really do feel that the balance of our bodies is very delicate.Sometimes i feel great for weeks and then something comes along and throws me off balance.

Clare, I hope you can work it out soon. jan x


Sorry to hear you are off balance jan and no need to apologise for "butting in" on my post :) - you always provide me with useful info/insights ;) The knee op sounds very stressful and I am sorry that they are messing with your dosage :( Hope you get on to an even keel again soon. xx


Thanks Clare x


Hi Clare,

I had to do the same as Picton and take NDT 4 x 1/2 grain a day between 7am and 5pm. I didn't get palpitations or any other hyper like symptoms by keeping the dose level through the day. I think the reason I couldn't take bigger doses less times a day was because I had low iron and mixed adrenals. I also couldn't increase the dose without having negative symptoms.


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