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please Help with my results-first proper full test

These are my results appreciate any information (I paid for test privately and I am going to speak to GP tomorrow after still feeling rubbish.

TSH 5.42 (previously 80-9 weeks ago)

free thyroxine 16.97

total thyroxine 99.00

free t3 8.53

Thyroidglobulin antibody 300.100

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 481

Vitamin b12 157.4

Folate 5.63

vitamin d 31.3

inflammation marker 1

iron status 55.61

I had generic blood test initially which I requested and wasn't tested for antibodies but had feeling I had hasimotos I'm guessing I have? what do I do now?

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You're on 100mcg of levo now, yes? You need a dose increase - it's not enough.

But what really hit me between the eyes was your B12 result. That's woefully low - presumably because you have CD. You desperately need some B12!

What was the range for that FT3 result? It looks odd but it might just be an unusual range.


The range ft3 was 3.100-6.800 it's no wonder I'm so poorly last week went to GP with seriously swollen tongue and was told it was viral-well it's B12

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Yes 100mg Levo


Jazzw just seen your last post,very sad news about your partner-your in my thoughts xx


Thank you. x

It was all one hell of a shock but at least she didn't have to suffer too long. Can't quite believe she's gone, if I'm honest.


I agree with jazzw about your B12.

Also, your folate and vitamin D are far too low.

I'm puzzled about the "iron status" result. I've never seen that particular type of result before. The things I've usually seen mentioned in relation to iron are :


serum iron

total iron binding capcacity

transferrin saturation %

unsaturated iron binding capacity

Hb – Haemoglobin estimation

MCV – Mean corpuscular volume

HCT – Haematocrit

RBC – Red blood cell count

I'm also puzzled by your inflammation marker result. Is this the same as C-Reactive Protein (CRP)?

Also, please, always include units of measurement and reference ranges with test results. They aren't the same everywhere and they can drastically alter the interpretation of results sometimes.

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Yes crp is inflammation marker and iron status just says ferritin


Really need ranges to know what's going on, but your B12, folate and D3 are very, very low if you are in the UK, and all those deficiencies can contribute to your symptoms. Weird to have what looks like over range Free t3 and high TSH as well. Are you taking levo, T4/T3 or NDT?


Levo 100mg

Tsh 5.42(0.270-4.200)

Free thyroxine 16.97 (12.000-22.000)

T4 99 (59-154)

Free t3 8.53 (3.100-6.800)

Thyroglobulin 300.100 (0-115))

Thyroid pa 481(0-34)

B12 157.4 (191-663)

Folate serum 5.63(4.600-18.700)

Vitamin d 31.3 (50-200)

Ferritin 55.61 (13-150(

I'm in uk


Another cause of high TSH with high free T3 would be a pituitary tumor. A friend of mine had similar results and her endo did a CT scan and found it. Look it up if you get the chance.


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