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The importance of vits in T4 to T3 conversion - an interesting follow-up to the Brazil nuts post

My last post about the Brazil nuts is here:

I went to the doctor's today for some more blood test results. She couldn't find my vit B tests (I'm getting more done next week) but actually I didn't need to see further than the upside-down vit D test on her desk - it was 19.05 (range <30). That's why I wasn't converting properly, and the reason I've been feeling a bit better in the last week or so is because the sun has come out and I've been out cycling so it will have gone up a bit! Now I've got medication of course so hopefully I will be back to feeling as well as I was last year.

Interesting to note that at the beginning of May - - I was concerned that I wasn't converting properly and wondering whether I should ask for some T3, but with the addition of selenium (Brazil nuts) and this very low vit D result I can see that actually it was all about nutrition, not medication. I'm on a gluten and dairy free diet and take care with what I eat, but even so my results were way off. I discussed with my doctor - I'm incredibly fortunate to have one who listens to me and not to my TSH - that this is obviously a particularly weak point for me and I need to get them checked on a regular basis.

On this forum the advice over and over again is to have your vitamin and minerals checked - how wise that is! Thank you all for the past comments going back years which made this relatively easy for me to research.

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Thanks for posting, RustyMary. I felt enormous improvement when vitD deficiency was corrected and good vitD levels aid T4 to T3 conversion.

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