Where to find someone to draw blood for private home testing kit.Inverness

H folksHave been wanting to do tyhe full thyroid plus 12 test from blue horizon, I thought this would be a home testing,finger prick test as i had from them before but i find it is not, I one in inverness my GP will not draw good for private testing. I am really not feeling well ,had RAI last year,was on levo snow on naturthroid so just want to know where i am at now as still not feeling well.

I have no idea if there are private clinics up here i doubt it never heard of them,certainly no pupa hospitals. So i guess if any of you have had private testing and need someone to draw blood how do you go about it. Thank you.


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  • Ravensgeo,

    Contact your local hospital and ask them how much they charge to do a private blood draw.

    There are some private phlebotomy services in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin... and Blue Horizon have phlebotomy services healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

    If you can't find a phlebotomist contact BH and ask for one of their home test finger prick tests.

  • the test i want needs to have blog drawn have used the finger test before.

  • s0rry should read more blood drawn finger prick test does not produce enough.

  • Sayitas,

    Yes, it's just a smaller amount, enough to fill a microtainer.

  • Hi Ravensgeo,

    I am also in Inverness, and recently diagnosed (within the last three weeks with an underactive thyroid) But back to the point where to get blood drawn. Many years ago I required a private x-ray and Raigmore would nt do it but the hospital in Golspie would...........it is a bit of a drag to get there I know but if you have no luck localy you could alays call them and ask if they would do a private blood draw for you.

    Kind Regards

  • Thank you so much I shall bear this in mind

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