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Blood Test Results - Antibodies

Could anybody help me with my new private test results before I see the endo.

I have always had a 'suppressed TSH' with no meds for decades. When I flipped hyper I was put on Carbimazole. To my knowledge/records I have never had antibody tests. I do have a multi-noduled goitre which was checked. This has reduced.

When the thyroid came under control the Carbi was slowly reduced and I have been on a very low dose since. Also correcting Adrenal/Candida issues.

Symptoms. Mine are stress-related as I have a mentally/physically disabled husband - so a rollercoaster of emotions.

For the time being I want to keep my thyroid and not have to mess about with being hypo - until life is more stable with my husband.

I do have AF and was recently put on a betablocker.

Currently I take 1.25mgs Bisopropol. Carbimazole is 2.5mgs/1.25mgs alternating days.

Currently, seeing what level meds I do need - if any. Endo recommendation is to have RAI.

I eat very little meat and so have been supplementing with B12 - in order to also help the heart palpitations - which have now calmed down. So I could probably reduce the supps a little.

Could anybody point me to an easy to understand explanation re antibodies. I have tried to understand the implications of the testing/results.

And if anybody has any thoughts about what test (if any) I could ask/suggest when I visit the endo. They have been sympathetic because of the circumstances concerning my husband and I have repeatedly said no to surgery. The response has been if 'the numbers' are within range on a small dose - ok for now.

Many thanks. I appreciate any comments.


TSH - 0.073 mIU/L (0.270-4.200)

Free Thyroxine -15.97 pmol/L (12.000-22.000)

T4 - 92.9 nmol/L (59.000-154.000)

Free T3 - 4.97 pmol/L (3.100-6.800)

Reverse T3 - 24 ng/dL (10.000-24.000)

Thyroglobulin Antibody - 11.450 IU/mL (0.000-115.000)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies - 7.47 IU/mL (0.000-34.000)

B12 - 1476 pg/mL (191.000-663.000)

Folate (Serum) - 8.44 ug/L (4.600-18.700)

Ferrtin - 87.15 ug/L (13.000-150.000)

25 OH Vitamin D - 71.36 nmol/L (50.000-200.000)

Inflammation Marker CRP - 0.8 mg/L (0.000-5.000)

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Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies are negative for autoimmune hypothyroid disease (Hashimoto's). You need Thryoid Receptor antibodies or Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin tested to confirm or rule out Graves Disease.


The Carbimazole dose appears to be regulating your levels well and your thyroid levels are very good. TSH is barely suppressed, FT4 and FT3 are mid-range. If you are comfortable on Carbimazole there's no reason why you should agree to surgery or RAI which will make you hypothyroid.

B12 is high. You could reduce to 1,000mcg daily as there is no point in peeing out expensive supplements. Take a B Complex vitamin too.

Folate and ferritin are fine. VitD is just shy of 75 which is replete. If you are able to get sun on your arms and face for a few hours during the week it's fine. Otherwise supplement 1,000iu D3 daily and increase to 2,500iu daily Oct-April.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Many thanks for replying. I realise I have 'overdone' the B12 now - and am taking less. The B12 was very low although in range - but taking advice from this website wanted to see if being higher would help the palpitations - and it has! I do take a D vitamin but will increase the strength of that...as I find it difficult to find the sun at the moment!

It's always helpful for me to have 'support' when I visit the Endo. And keep saying no thanks to RAI/surgery - I'm doing fine! The response is invariably...you would do better without the thyroid!

I am off now to do the regular clinic blood tests and I am more familiar with the clinical ranges with those. I have TSH/T3/T4 tested.

Many thanks.



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