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Palpitations on NDT

For the last few days have been experiencing a lot of palpitations and its really scary. My last results on 17 May were serum ferritin 56 (12-230), free T4 9.8 (12-22), free T3 (4.4 (3.1-6.8) and TSH 1.67 (0.3-4.2). I was on 1.5 grains Thiroyd NDT and since then I have gradually raised to 2 grains NDT spread into 4 doses approx every 3 or 4 hours throughout the day. I take ashwagandha and rhodiola along with other B Vits, magnesium, selenium, zinc for support. I had been doing well and feeling good but then this started up. I have been having more stress than usual, teenagers, Mum with dementia, divorce, etc and haven't found much time for even a walk. The doctor after the test results said I should take T4 levo and wrote me a prescription which I haven't taken. Any thoughts would be appreciated, not sure which way to turn. I have been addicted to about 3 bananas during the day, they seem to make me feel better but taken avocados instead as I am putting weight on. Maybe this has something to do with it. The palpitations seem to be worse late afternoon, evening time.

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Sometimes if I walk up stairs or over exert myself I get heart palpitations, but this was happening before I was on any medication as well, so I thought it was just one of the many symptoms?


I forgot to mention I have to clear my throat all the time, I am so croaky and what with my Mum being nearly deaf and I have to keep repeating myself all the time my voice is really suffering at the moment. I also have thyroid peroxidase AB at 195.8 (0-35) as at May 2015. My previous doctor, I have now changed surgeries, said that we all have antibodies. My new doctor won't retest.

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Your ferritin is rather low. Might be better to supplement that. Hearts need good levels of iron.

I very much doubt that it has anything to do with eating bananas. Bananas are full of good nutrients. And it's not them that are making you put on weight, it's the fact that you are under-medicated. Your FT3 is not even mid-range. It could be that causing the palpitations, too.

Why are you taking the ashwagandha and rhodiola? They can act as stimulants. How long have you been taking them? Were you taking them before the palpitations started? Or have you been well on them, do you think they are helping anything? Have you had your adrenals tested? Have you had your B12, folate and vit D tested? Or are you just taking a B complex because you think it's a good idea? Do you get enough salt? Hearts need salt. Have you ever tried taking your NDT all in one go? When do the palpitations start? How long do they last?

Sorry for all the questions, but details are important.

Whether or not everyone has anitbodies, is a moot point. I doubt that EVERYBODY has antibodies as high as yours. But, remember that doctors know nothing about thyroid, and usually say the first thing that comes into their heads! :)

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Thanks for your reply Greygoose. I have some Spatone so have now taken some today. Re the bananas, I had run out of them, so bought some more today and had a banana, I haven't had a palpitation since, weird or what! I was having an avocado in the afternoon evening instead. I take Himalayan salt and quite a lot of it, probably a teaspoon a day. I am taking the ashwagandha and rhodiola as I was getting so tired in the afternoon, they seem to keep me at an even keel as even a slight annoyance, say someone cut me up on the road, I would feel really stressed and even a bit ill and it stayed for about an hour. Dr P said I had weak adrenals about 18 months ago and I have since changed to NDT, my anxiety has thankfully disappeared, I was really wired. I have been taking the ashwagandha and rhodiola for about a year. B12, folate and vit D are high so stopped the B12 (I seem to remember through my brain fog that taking B12 depletes potassium and I felt better when I stopped it). I still take 5000iu day of vit D when not out in the sun. Taking B-100 time release B vits, seems to help me feel well. When I started on NDT I did take it all in one go and I got a few episodes of angina which scared the pants off me as I had a mild heart attack in 2014 so anything to do with the heart now freaks me out. The cardiologist thinks it was caused by a small blood clot after suddenly going onto 50mcg levo a few months before. The palpitations were starting late afternoon time and into the evening but disappeared before I went to bed. Strange, but I have had a calm day today, my teenagers are both away for a few nights and my Mum was well today so we went out. I also had a bit more walking and moving around today instead of sitting at my desk sorting out my daughters parking ticket appeal which was also stressing me out! I really don't trust any doctor now, I have more faith in naturopaths. Today I have so far taken 1.5 grains Thiroyd NDT, yesterday I took a bit more as I was trying to raise from 1.5 grains. One of my main complaints is that I look so old, my face is flabby and looks like I have cellulite. My skin is dry and crinkly and saggy. I am 59 but I look more like 70, my friends the same age without thyroid problems look 20 years younger than me, its very disheartening. I also feel so stiff, with tight joints and can't even get up off the floor without help, I used to be in the TA and was very fit indeed.


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