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Blood Test Thyroid ?????

On Tuesday 24 May at 10.10am had a blood test . Results the following Tuesday .....Doctor no update required. Registered at a new health centre new doctor very good. Went for a thyroid blood test because my old doctor cut the medicine from 150 to 100 Levothyroxine . I had my right hand thyroid taken out 18 years ago and was put on 150 mg, four years later the left thyroid grew to the right . The doctor who operated said "that was the biggest thyroid that we saw "

When I was with old doctor she cut my medicine ..levothroxine and inhalers and calcium and vit D tabletsfor a week . I went for a blood test and results too much thyroxine although no thyroid and no medication for a week just how did I have too much . I then changed to another health centre . On 23 May I did not take levothroxine also 24 took tablets after blood test yet again test too much levothroxine so it stays at 100 mg . I get so tired, hair falling, sleep like a bear cannot do much.

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Hi thyroidx100

Do you have a copy of your latest blood test results and ranges. I'm sure that If you post the details someone will be able to give you a helping hand with them.


Sorry feeling exhausted cannot do much . My hubby has a week leave next week and he will take me to the doctors and i will ask


Are the doctors testing the free t3 and because its too high, along with a supressed tsh, they are deciding you are overmedicated....... Or are they just testing the tsh and making wild assumptions?

Can almost guarantee the answer.... They are trying to medicate according to the tsh..... Have a watch of this video to see what their logic is. And find yourself another doctor.



Wow! Powerful video, galathea! That really says it all, doesn't it? So frustrating!


Every doctor must see this video


Don't know this is crazy just changed health centre but still the same .


Aww you sound in a bad way at the moment but it won't get any better till you start to take control. Maybe hubby can help you do that.

Can hubby go into the Dr's appointment with you as you could probably do with the support and maybe he could make the Dr understand how badly your illness is affecting family life.

Before the appointment BOTH of you should read as much you can to educate yourselves. There is a huge amount of info on the Thyroid UK website.

If necessary print off any research and take it with you to shove it up the Dr's nose, sorry I meant show the Dr. and also take a notebook with questions and write down the answers.

There are also many experienced people here who can help answer any questions about anything you are learning about or you can use the search bar to look things up. With so many members there is bound to have been someone who has asked the question before.

One more thing, always get a printed copy of your blood test results. You are legally entitled under data protection so don't let them fob you off. Post the results with ranges on here in a separate for members to comment and advise.

Wishing you good luck and all the best with your appointment


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing Galathea.


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