I'm nervous about starting Nature-Throid

A few months ago, I ordered Nature-Throid but have put off because I'm nervous about starting! In January, I did some blood tests with Blue Horizon and here are my results ;

Thyroglobulin antibodies : 178 (range 280 - 344)

TSH : 0.516 (range 0.270 - 4.200)

Free T4 : 19.12 (range 12 - 22)

Free T3 : 3.5 (range 3.1 - 6.8)

Total T3 : 1.2 (range 1.3 - 3.1)

Total T4 : 104 (range 59 - 154)

Current dose of Levo : 100mcg (not changed for a few years)

I seem to get tired really easily although I occasionally get 'bursts' of energy, I lack enthusiasm and would love to have less stiffness and aching in my joints. Any advice on how to start Nature-Throid and help with the results would be a godsend ! Thanks very much x

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  • Check out the website for stop the thyroid madness you might find information there. Good luck

  • Thanks sweetpea, since I posted I've been looking through past posts relating to Nature-Throid and found a lot of information..... why didn't I think of that before .... !

    Still would like some guidance on the blood test results 'tho !

  • How do I pm u. Can u send me a post me one so I can answer it thanks

  • You're not converting very well, that's why you don't feel good, your FT3 is much too low. The T3 in the NDT will make you feel better.

  • Hi greygoose, today's the day I start nature-thyroid

  • Yipee!!! :D

  • Just to titrate your dose; I switched from 100 mcg levo to 1 grain naturethroid. After 4 weeks we redid bloods and my (private) endo upped the dose to 1.5 grains based on my symptoms and bloods.

    Since then I've gone up to alternate days 2 and 1.5 grains but that was after a year on Naturethroid

    I take 1 grain when I get up and the remainder mid afternoon

    Hope that helps

  • Yes it helps a lot, TupennyRush. I started on 1 grain this morning (was taking 100mcg levo). I'll keep an eye on it and not be too rushed to increase.

  • I changed from Levo to Naturethroid and it changed my life! Go for it, start on 1 grain and increase by 1/2 a grain every two to three weeks and see how you feel.

  • How much Levo had you been taking before Nature-Throud Geniler ?

  • I was on 75mg of Levo and I was in constant pain with joint inflammation, migraines that would send me to a cool, dark and quiet room for three days. In less than a week on Naturethroid and a change in diet (no grain, sugar or dairy as they affect the efficacy of NDT) and I was pain free and within a few months I had lost 13kg.

  • Yes I have joint pain too, hoping this will subside as well as headaches which have been constant 'friends' for the last 3 years. Just recently cut out sugar, most dairy and some grains and concentrating on getting my gut in order. I've put on a stone since last year but already, my tum feels lighter. Thanks for your info, Geniler !

  • I switched from Levo 75mg to 1 grain of Naturethroid the next day. I'm stable on 2 grains per day.

  • NDT does not build up in your system like levo does so try it and see if it works! Personally I gave up levo for 2 weeks before starting NDT as it can take up to 7 weeks to get levo out of the system. Start on a small dose and build up over a few weeks DON'T just do a direct swap it is usually too much for your system to bear. The extra T3 is usually too much of a rush.

  • I started on 1 grain this morning, Glynisrose which prob is equivalent to 100mcg (the dose I was on). I don't think I was at optimum levels but i'll monitor it. Be a detective but try not to get too focussed, which is a trait of mine !

  • Read things up on the Thyroid UK site. Loads of useful information. I increased by conversion by getting my vitamins raised. Thinks like B12 and Vitamin D are useful and should be tested. As does folate

  • My B12 was 1099 (range 199 - 663) and Vit D 85.20 (range 75 - 200) so have started a Vit D supplement. Folate 16.7 (range 4.6 - 18.7). There's a chance I wasn't absorbing B12 so I've changed to a sublingual one

  • Hi silverfox, yes after posting my question on Nature-Throid, I looked back through the site and gained a lot of info. Even came across one of my own posts about sourcing etc. Just shows how foggy the brain can be 🙃 !

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