I switched from 100mcg Levo to 1 grain of Nature-Throid 7 days ago and within a few days I noticed the difference for the better. After a week however, I'm beginning to tire out from mid morning onwards (I take my dose on waking). Is it too early to up by half a grain? I'm thinking that as my Total T3 level was low (Result 1.2 (range 1.3 - 3.1)) I could give it a go. Any advice would be gratefully received !

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It's a bit quick but FT3 was only 3.5 so it shouldn't hurt if you increase now.

Hi Clutter, I've only half grains so ok to increase by one of those🤔?


Yes,that's fine :)

Birdie, I am on day 6 now of split 1 grain of nature throid. Feeling great but yesterday fatigue crept in and muscle and joint pains so was wondering the same if I could up my dose early. I had a TT a week ago.

Are you taking anything else Vicksters e.g Levo? I took an extra half of nature-throid this morning but I'm wondering if it's too much of a 'hit'. Not sure I should do alternate days OR find time for additional dose mid morning... It's an interesting journey!

I would not touch levo with a bargepole..

It is interesting. I am trying to hold out to the 10 day mark to increase dose. I wonder when it is recommended to start T3 implementation? God knows where I can get that as in Portugal there is nothing apart from T4. I order my NDT from USA and goes to my address in UK. Everything is seized in customers here in Portugal.

are you taking Nature-Throid? If so, isn't there enough T3 in that? That's the reason I switched and self medicated to get T3 in my system 🙂

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