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Adrenal Tsh levels fatigue ??

Hi all I have been to docs today and having referal to an endocrinologist for investigationsale into adrenal fatigue. I have had hypothyroidism for 20 years and currently take 175 mcg of levothyroxine  daily.  The doctor mentioned my tsh levels are high but t3 and t4 are ok ?? Has anyone had similar investigation. I've had 5 months of fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, neck pain, aching joints after exercise, depression and insomnia x 

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Firstly what a good doctor you have - I am at a practice who only order TSH (t4 sometimes dependent on which GP). I am though in a similar position I have had Hashimotos hypothyroidism for 11 years and take 125 mcg Levo daily. I am currently struggling with fatigue, palpitations, night sweats and worst of all the insomnia and poor sleep. I have just ordered a saliva adrenal stress profile and have asked for referral to endocrinologist (next week) so no profound answers but interesting we are at the same place at the same time - will update as I can.


Yes sounds very familiar I've worked with doctor to research this through this site and others . I'm trying to help myself as I've been unwell since Christmas and have been through loads of tests including ct scans for lymphoma which was a terrifying time but all clear thank goodness 😊 yes please update me and I will do the same. Something is obviously not working correctly in our bodies and it's draining isn't it !!!  Please keep in touch x


See my response to Church. :)


I'm sorry you're not feeling too good. Get a print-out from the surgery of your results with the ranges and post on a new question.

I don't think any doctor has done you any good if, after 20 years on levo, you still have clinical symptoms.

Once you put up your results with the ranges and get comments (your TSH should be 1 or below. It's no good T4 and T3 being o.k. It's you, the patient, who should be o.k. with no clinical symptoms. 

Also if you've been underdosed for years it can cause serious problems for us later on. It would be good if your GP added T3 to your T4. Researchers have found the best results were a 1 to 3 ratio of T3/T4.

Many members have recovered their health when they switched to NDT or added T3 to T4 or took T3 only.

I am not medically qualified and I think the priority for doctors when treating hypo patients is that they have no clinical symptoms but instead they are willing to prescribe 'other' meds for the symptoms rather than a decent thyroid hormone replacement.


Just read Dr. Mirkin article on forum. Search for link on site. I take Xanax/Alprazolam and have severe (PTSD) type anxiety and depression and this article said that T3 is the KEY. I started that a year ago and that really helped, but at started dosage of 5 mcg. He urges increasing 5 mcg incrementally if necessary. Also correlates to depression. Fatigue can also be due to other factors - like Vitamin D deficiency (OPRAH) - very common in post-menopausal women. Other factors could be: Folate, B12 (SHOT REALLY HELPED ME), Ferritin. Some Dr. ignore these but it's the COMBINATION of all the right levels that - your version of healthy. Go by your SYMPTOMS and not just by your labs and be a STRONG ADVOCATE for yourself. I plan to BEG my primary Dr. next week to add these lab tests to what I took last Friday, as my stats are pretty mid normal but I still have problematic mental and physical health issues.


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