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adrenal fatigue supplements

I have tried several supplements for adrenal fatigue in the past year, determined not to go back on prescription drug Medrol if it can be avoided. I took Medrol for more than four years, but would prefer a more natural way to support my adrenal glands and hopefully restore adrenal function.

Some supplements have caused symptoms like feeling increasingly hypo (I am on NDT), especially feeling more tired, bloating and weight gain (a couple of kilograms). Every time I went off them, symptoms disappeared within a few days.

The supplements that made me feel worse contain different fillers, but they have one thing in common: licorice root.

So, my question is: although licorice root is often recommended for adrenal fatigue, I don't seem to do well on it. Has someone else noticed this side effect?

I am now back on Nutri Adrenal Extra which I have tried in the past and did not like but, this time, it actually seems to be working. I feel more energetic (I never take it after 1 pm), and my thyroid meds seem to be working properly. This time, unlike the last time I tried it (a couple of years ago), I don't feel overstimulated, but simply more energetic in a good kind of way (calm but focused).

I am currently looking into Dr. Wilson's protocol for adrenal fatigue. It has been getting consistently good reviews, but the products are pricey, and I am wondering if I could achieve the same result taking NAX...?

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Dr John Lowe's view was that if the thyroid meds are right the adrenals will fix themselves.

I wish this was true for everyone. I have high cortisol and it prevents me from raising my thyroid meds high enough - I get over-medicated symptoms if I try to take more T3. As a result my Free T3 is rock bottom in the range (I take T3 only).


My heart would go much too fast and I'd have to take beta blockers regularly.

I hate beta blockers with a passion and I use 1/2 a tablet only when I absolutely have to. I hate having to wean myself off them because it takes weeks. If I stay on them my blood pressure ends up in my boots and I struggle to get to the top of the street (I live on a short hill) or up a flight of stairs.

I think I would prefer to stay under-medicated to be honest!


OK, interesting, thanks! Most seem to think that you need to fix the adrenals first in order to make thyroid meds work optimally, but it seems logical that the opposite can be true as well.

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