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Tests for adrenal fatigue ?

Please could any of you tell me the tests I can get my doctor to do for adrenal fatigue. I have had a synacthen for adrenal failure. And came back ok so I'm told! I seem to have nearly all the symptoms, I had a hospital appointment on Monday for something else and was stressed my usually low bp was high. But the next 2 days I felt so ill ,headache extreme tiredness and very low bp 92 over 56 and had to sleep during the day for a couple of hours. Is this adrenal ?

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Hi, Nataliesue. There was quite a bit about adrenal fatigue and how to get it tested in a topic from yesterday : healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


The short version of how to get the rest, etc, is that conventional medicine doesn't believe in adrenal fatigue, only in adrenal insufficiency, which is pretty much a collapse.

So all the the testing and treatment for it has to be done for yourself. There are a few good pointers in that other thread.


This is what i believe:


Ray Peat wrote:

“Thyroid is needed for the adrenals to function well, and adequate cholesterol, as raw material. It’s popular to talk about ‘weak adrenals,’ but the adrenal cortex regenerates very well. Animal experimenters can make animals that lack the adrenal medulla by scooping out everything inside the adrenal capsule, and the remaining cells quickly regenerate the steroid producing tissues, the cortex. So I think the ‘low adrenal’ people are simply low thyroid, or deficient in cholesterol or nutrients.”

— Raymond Peat, PhD


Thank you i will start to save for the tests. I feel worse since i was swapped from armour to t3 but i am now finding I'm intolerant to ingredients so the plonkers (doctors) are now having to re think there stupid decision.


faith63 i have high cholesterol ? seen my doctor today and she agrees i might have adreanal issues, and could be being referred to endo at cardiff if she finds one that knows about this that is,


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