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Need some advice on blood results

Just got my bloods back anybody any advice on my results  I'm really rubbish with ranges ect 

My results (Normal range )                 CRP 4.00 (<5.0)

TSH 5.37 (0.27-4.20)

T4 total 114.2 (64.5-142.0)

FREE T4 16.67 (12-22)

FREE T3 5.56 (3.1-68)

ANTI THYROID 14.0 (<34)


VIT B12 526

FOLATE 5.27 (10.4-42.4)

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You're not taking any thyroid hormone replacement currently, are you?

Your thyroid is responding well to being flogged by the rising TSH level - it's managing to put out lots of hormones and you're coverting well.  But... Your thyroid really is being hammered by that chemical messenger. It's having to work really hard. 

I'm wondering whether historically you had high amounts of thyroid hormone sloshing around, and now have far less - hence the trigger to make more.

Did you used to be an Energiser Bunny earlier in life? Loads of energy, never previously a problem?

Might be way off... :) Guessing for now...

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I'm not taking any meds my tsh has been slowly going up for years but the last 3 years I've had symptoms the last year I've been really ill my gp keeps saying my bloods are normal last tsh was 4.3 when she tested 3/4 weeks ago but these results are from a blue horizon test I had done on tues of this week x


Yup keep a good check on the ft3!

I had similar bloods to yourself with symptoms and was started on Levo about 3 years ago. I keep records and,for myself, the Levo has worked fine.what I have noticed is the tsh is around 1 BUT my ft3 is lower than it was before starting Levo.symptoms are gone but ft3 lower and ft4 about the same.i guess it goes to show that we are all very much individual cases and it's not for everyone to have the high ft4 and ft3's that we read are a good place to be.i hope you find a solution that suits you personally.


You b12 and folate are too low. You need to supplement .Do you have ferritin and vitamin D results?


I don't,just these 


You are likely to have low ferritin and vitamin D as well so get these tested.


I will thanks, I don't know wether or not to order Ndt as my symptoms are really bad by my t3 and t4 are not too bad don't want to do more damage than good 


All medication whether prescribed or over the counter medication is trial and error. Everyone has a slightly different biochemistry and physiology due to genetic make up which is why some people can take somethings and others can't. 

This means even if you are taking medication prescribed by a doctor or paracetamol you are taking a risk in taking it whether you are taking it for the first time or nth time.


That's a fair point actually, I'll try it and see how I go 


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