Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who has replied to my posts and also those who have given advice to other people who have posted on here as I went armed with information including my reason for wanting to try T3 and I finally got referred to a consultant who knows what he is talking about who gave me T3 tablets about 2 months ago. There is still some tweeking to do with the amount of T3 and T4 I should take but I finally have my life back after 5 years of saying I didn't feel well despite being in the "normal" range.

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  • I'm happy for you Foggy73

    It's great when you are finally having an improvement.

    If you didn't get the Consultant through email his name to We need excellent thyroid doctors. 

  • Unfortunately he is retiring this month so I hope hus replacement is ad good.

  • Aw :(  Ah well you got him just in time. Good for you :)

  • I know, it's amazing and at least I am on T3 now so hopefully they will keep me on them

  • Always good to hear recovery stories :) new beginnings for you I hope. Heres to good health

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