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A huge thank you :)

Just a post to say thank you to all the good people on this forum who have offered me advice and support. I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism 15 months ago and prescribed T4, I didn't improve, and at times even seemed to be getting worse. Looking for answers I came across this forum and that's one of the best pieces of luck I've had. I posted many, long, questions and the advice I received was so, so helpful.

After much thought and research (which i was guided to by forum members), I decided to self medicate with T3. I have been on it for 12 weeks now and I have seen a big improvement. I have also now been to see a second Endo who agreed to recommend prescribing T3, and have gotten my GP to agree to this without much fuss. If it wasn't for forum members who were able to recommend a T3 sympathetic Endo, this never would have happened.

So, from the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to all who offered me advice and support. You have helped to change my life and I am extremely grateful.

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I am glad T3 suits you and you've also found a helpful Endo and your GP is willing to prescribe.

That's great news. It's a load off your shoulders.


What a lovely post kittenmittens , so good to hear you are doing much better. Even better that your endo and GP are on board which makes it so much easier when it comes to testing. Well done and long may your improvement continue :)


Are you taking T3 in addition to T4 or just the T3 on its own? I'm asking because I'm currently trying to decide myself if I should stop T4 and only take T3 (I currently take both).

Glad to hear your new protocol is working and you are feeling better!


I'm currently taking 125mcg T4 and 12.5mcg T3. Thanks for the good wishes :)

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Wow, that is exactly what I'm taking. I still feel so very fatigued and unmotivated. Going to discuss with endo at my appt next week. I just want to feel normal again!


That's a shame you're still not doing great, I hope your conversation with your endo leads to something that can help you to feel better.

How long have you been on the T3?


I started adding in T3 in March. At that time I was taking 75 mcg T4 and 7 mg T3. (I had been on the 75 mcg T4 for quite awhile. I've been on T4 for a couple of years at a low dosage. I increased due to feeling fatigued all the time).

I increased to 100 mcg T4 with 10 mg T3. I was on that dose for 3 weeks and then increased to 125 mcg T4 and 12.5 mg T3. I've been on the 125/12.5 dose since then.

I started to feel EXTREMELY fatigued about 1 month later (mid-May) and have not felt great since. What I don't understand is that I feel mostly fatigue and I get headaches alot. I would think if I was over medicated, I would feel hyper and full of energy. I've never felt that way. I always feel fatigued. I do have lupus (SLE) and Sjogren's so identifying the cause of my symptoms is always tricky. My lupus meds have not changed.

I just had blood drawn this morning for next week's appt. Hopefully, the endo will be able to sort things out and we can determine if it is the T3 causing me issues, or the increase in dosage(s) or the T4 in general. I just want my old energetic self back.


Whatever is causing it I hope you get to the bottom of it and feel better.


Thank you. Me too! 😁


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