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Got to say a big thanks to everyone here, between messages, comment to and reading loads of previous posts I finally feel like I'm going to get somewhere. I actually understand hypothyroidism a lot better and I'm more confident than ever that I don't need bloody psychological evaluation (well not for these symptoms anyway lol) . I've taken control of my own health and ordered all my supplements. Vit b12, d3, folate, iron and even got some t3 coming. I'm seriously looking forward to feeling better, fingers crossed, so thanks again . I'll keep you updated on my progress x

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  • I'm sure you will forge ahead in 2017. Best wishes.

  • Well done. Most of us on this forum have had to find our own way through the maze of trying to recover our health and many have done so.

    I wish you Happiness and Good Health for 2017.

  • Have you been tested for B12 - VitD - Folate - Ferritin and the FT3 ? Have looked at your post of two days ago but cannot see any results. It is so good you want to feel better - but you also run the risk of under-treating if you do not take enough of the vitamins - your results would be the guide as to how much you take. What are your plans ?

    Thyroid hormones will only work well when the above are at a good level too. So good to get those sorted before introducing T3 - if in fact you need it. You need to know how you are converting the T4 into T3 with some blood test reuslts.


    The above link will take you everything you need to know about B12 - even some good videos to watch to learn more.

    Obtain your test results from your GP - they are legally yours. See the link above.

    Sorry could not Edit post - would not allow !

  • Thanks marz yeah I've previously been tested and told I was low on b12 folate and iron, given treatment for a few months then had blood tests that said they had levelled out so medication was stopped. After that I started to feel rubbish again. Even after telling gp this they said my levels were showing as fine. I only found out when I physically got my results last week that they hadn't tested the levels again so don't know how they could say they were fine lol. I really am banging my head against a wall. I'm going to try the vitamin supplements first and see if it makes a difference. I'll also go back to gp to insist on the blood tests first so that I can monitor it myself. Unfortunately my gp tends to regard me as a hypochondriac and that my symptoms are psychological when I know they're not. I'm hoping to change his opinion if he sees me taking control myself with natural remedies rather than go along with him giving me all manner of drugs to shut me up. Either that or I will be changing gp. Thanks for all your advice it really is appreciated x

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